Hunting Stories

Submitted by Tom on 10/13/05 at 10:18 PM. ( )

I like to here about everbody's hunts, so feel free to post your story no matter where you are from. I used the "west" in my last post because that is where my heart is. Even if my home is in Ohio.

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I was hunting for my glasses

This response submitted by Cecil on 10/13/05 at 10:26 PM. ( )

They turned up in the most peculiar place. On my nose!


This response submitted by Tom on 10/13/05 at 10:37 PM. ( )

Just like always they were in the last place you looked.


This response submitted by Dennis on 10/14/05 at 1:00 AM. ( )

There were 5 guys hunting is South Texas last year and they played poker all night and drank beer and whisky. Never went to bed. At day break they grabed their guns and went hunting. One guy had to go the the bathroom so he pulled down his pants and sat on a log. He passed out. His buddy was walking to camp and saw him. He had killed a deer and field dressed it about 400 yard from there. He went back and cut about 6 feet of intestines off the deer and crawled up and layed the intestines under the guy passed out. They said at noon he came into camp and could not walk so good. They ask him what happened. He said he had to take a s&^t and about 6 feet of his intestines came out, BUT thanks to the good Lord and two fingers he got them all pushed back in.

That one takes the cake, Dennis

This response submitted by Craig on 10/14/05 at 9:40 AM. ( )

He must have been in rough shape, both before and after.

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