Stop-Rot does it again

Submitted by Joey Arender on 3/2/06 at 1:46 PM. ( )

After reading in here the cess pools of bacteria Coyotes are and damage balled up capes can be if bagged and just thrown into a freezer, I figured I had a good one for Stop-Rot.

here's the story and it's long
I received a call form my sons football coach and his father had shot a nice buck. They wanted to see if I would be willing to mount it for them if they found it. Thoughts started to ponder through my empty skull as I wondered what they meant,if they found it. If that ain't getting the horse before the cart I don't know what is. Anyhow he proceeds to tell me his father barrows a gun and didn't check the scope, "really didn't think he would see anything" isn't that par for the course. Sometime between 2PM and 2:30 his father makes a bad shot on a deer that they know is wounded. They decide to leave it till mourning and go back to search. The next mourning brought temps into the 60's that never cooled below 40 the night before. They call me that day to tell me they found the deer at 1PM and dropped it off at the processors to be checked in and skinned out, or atleast what was left of it at 4 after they went to show it off.

He also tells me that coyotes pretty much cleaned up to the front shoulders and they don't know if the scratches on the back of the neck will hurt the cape or not. I told them the best thing to do was bring it in and mean while be thinking about the possibility of getting a replacement cape if they still wanted it mounted.

Two weeks go by and I receive a call form the guy letting me know that they are bringing the cape by and want to have it mounted if at all possible. He tells me that the processor called a few days ago and said they needed to come pick up the deer and not having time to bring it to me they threw it in the freezer.

I had been on this site reading all of the rave reviews about this tonic of sorts Stop-Rot and decided I should go ahead and order some from WASCO. When it arrived I took the deer out of the freezer and waited for it to thaw enough for me to see just what was going on and man I started not to waste my time. You know how the sob stories are though and I figured whats the worst that could happen. As this deer thawed out the hair would come out with every roll. Not slipping yet or so I thought, just loose. I immediately started applying Stop-Rot to the hair side as this was all I could get to. When the cape completely rolled out every touch I made to the cape brought out new hair onto my hands. When I was able to open it up so I could start fleshing it, the remaining meat had started to turn green. I didn't know if being gut shot caused this or if the cape was just going that bad that fast. Before rough fleshing I decided to brush Stop-rot on and just see what would happen. Once I got the huge chunks of remaining meat off I went back over the cape with stop rot again just to be sure and not knowing how long to wait I decided to salt it in one hour. I salted by changing out the salt everyday for four days.
I called the customer to see if; with the concerns I had, he wanted to risk tanning it. I told him what the charges would be regardless the out come and he said to proceed. I explained everything I knew to and really set him up for disappointment. This deer had two scratches extending down From the base of his ear ten inches and two spots below that the size of quarters that was already bare as a babies butt. He also had just been in a serious knock down drag out fight I guess judging by the blunt trauma to his face and eyes. I could tell were the yotes had stopped with their meal and would guess that they lay all over the rest due to the smell of yote on him.

Well today I receive a cape back from The Wildlife Gallery that is as tight as any I sent in. There are no other spots on the cape then what it was brought in with. I also have a customer who is going to be very happy and is happy it came back as good if not better then when it left. He remembered me telling him I was going to try stop rot on his deer and would like to thank the maker for the product.

I don't know if I was just lucky or if Stop-Rot works just that well. I can't see how a deer could lose any hair if all this one did was the two spots before stop-rot was applied. One note about the processor. He capes a deer out and throws it in the corner of his locker and continues to do so until there is ten -twenty of them. Meaning the ones in the middle may never cool off.

Thanks Glen from me as well. Stop-Rot saves another one IMO.

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Joey, welcome to the club.

This response submitted by Glen Conley on 3/2/06 at 8:20 PM. ( )

Rumor has it that psychologists have coined a new phrase. They call it, "STOP-ROT users' denial."

Initial symptoms occur after a person's first use of STOP-ROT. They know what they saw, or what they had smelled. Now the proof is gone. The hair is where it is supposed to be, and the funky smell is gone. Who are you going to talk to about such things? The closest thing to a support group is Few others would understand why someone would get excited when something doesn't rot.

Joey, proceed with caution. As a first time user, continued use could keep you in a constant state of culture shock. So that you will be better prepared to cope, some of the other denial forms are listed below.

Freezer Burn Denial

Bird Leg Denial

Turning Dried-Out Ears Denial

Taking Your Time To Prep a Skin Denial

Pulling What Looks Like Fresh Skins Out of the Freezer Denial

Those are most generally the most common symptoms experienced by new users. There are more.

Another thing you have to be careful about is word of mouth. That guy you saved the cape for is now going to blabber mouth to all of his buddies. "Take it to Joey, he's a magician!" Next thing you know, people will be bringing you stuff that the maggots wouldn't touch. You have been warned.

By the way, thanks for the report! AND, both you guys are welcome!

Too much Stop Rot

This response submitted by Marc A on 3/3/06 at 9:20 AM. ( )

Glen, you been sniffin' that stuff or what !

Marc, the symptoms are real.

This response submitted by Glen on 3/3/06 at 11:03 AM. ( )

As exposures increase over time, the denials slow down to "STOP-ROT Denial Moments". With the passage of enough time, symptoms are gone, and usage becomes an automatic.

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