anybody use quickbooks

Submitted by mike on 3/2/06 at 2:04 PM. ( )

does anybody use quickbooks for there taxidermy business? We are looking into it but we have alot of questions on how to set it up best. For our taxidermy business. any help would be great. thank you

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still makes me mad

This response submitted by Jim Marsico on 3/2/06 at 2:54 PM. ( )

I spent hours (days) setting my business up on it and did not back up as I went; you guessed it. No sooner was I done than I lost everything. I am back and happy with the old paper files, etc.

I use to use it in another

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 3/2/06 at 3:17 PM. ( )

Business, it was recommended by my CPA who used it as well. I hated the thing and Jim is right make a back up every week. I guess it wasn't really that bad because It saved me about ten hours a week from payroll alone. Calculating payroll for twenty employees long hand would take me about twelve hours but with quickbooks I could do it in 2. Then the weekly and quarterly reports where stored for me to just print out when needed. The learning curve to use it wasn't that bad and got better each week. It had more tools on it then I would ever need. Being its just me, myself and I...I can't see where it would help that much. If I had ten or more employees I can't see not having something like it. If just for invoices then old paper and file are the way to go.

Back Ups...

This response submitted by marty on 3/2/06 at 3:33 PM. ( )

General rule of thumb for running back-ups is to ask yourself "what info am I willing to lose"? If the answer is nothing then you may wish to back things up daily. I'd suggest purchasing a back-up device and software to automate things if you're this regular. It may be a day (rare), a week, a month or even a year if you're not on the computer all that much AND you don't have much that you're willing to lose. I know some folks that simply use their computer to access their email. They never have to run back-ups because their email is web-based. And I know some folks that run back-ups weekly. Just ask yourself what you're willing to lose and that should tell you how often or when you need to run back-ups for special occasions.

Now in Jim's case I probably would've saved (to my hard-drive) several times throughout the day, but I probably wouldn't have run a back-up disk for off-site storage. So I may have lost things too. It is rare nowadays that your computer's hard drive would crash though (at that particular) time so I suspect (Jim) you weren't performing regular saves as you were going along?

I use my wife to help maintain my records! Spreadsheets are in Excel and Access for our database. With some documents in Word. But, I don't have the inventory that a full-service shop has to justify a special software purchase. If you're using this specifically for taxidermy purposes and won't need it for anything else. Then you may wish to look into Tom McNeil's TaxiShop software (under Suppliers)...

I like the easy way

This response submitted by Jim Marsico on 3/2/06 at 4:56 PM. ( )

I guess that I am just to old to be really computer savy. I use the web for my web site, emails and taking breaks from work by glancing at sites like this. Anything beyond that just does not seem safe or "worth the effort" to me. I hire a gal to do everything else, I just hand her all the paperwork every week and its done and done right; for only $45.00 a month I can not imagine doing it myself again.

Quickbooks Pro

This response submitted by Ron on 3/3/06 at 10:12 PM. ( )

I use the software and have for maybe eight years or more. I use it for a our restaurant, my electrical contracting, personel and for my medical bills for my cancer(all seperate files). It is good software, you don't need to upgrade every year (they want you to). If you do payroll, it's great, but you need to subscribe to tax updates on a yearly basis (less than $200.00 a year). I can do the work of five people with it. You can keep track of everything. You back it up to a CD every time you use it, no problem at all. I just give a copy of the file to the accountant yearly. Do your invoicing or billing, accounts payable, everything you need to run a business. it has more features than you will ever use. Get a demo, and try it. I can't say enough about it, but you have to be computer savy and want to do it.

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