Operation TLC

Submitted by Cindy on 3/2/06 at 2:11 PM. ( Ntahq@aol.com )

Operation TLC: Taxidermists Love Children is in need of a taxidermist located near Houston, Texas. We have a terminally ill 8 year old boy from Texas named Evan who will be hunting this weekend. We need a taxidermist to mount the animal in a short time frame at zero cost to the child and his family.

We have a 16 year old with terminal brain cancer in San Antonio, Texas that has an exotic hunt planned for April 10th. We will need a taxidermist to mount the animal in a short time frame at zero cost to the child and his family.

Please contact NTA Headquarters to help these two special hunters. Their wish was to hunt and we want to provide their families with a precious memory.


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just an idea,

This response submitted by Mr.T on 3/2/06 at 4:20 PM. ( )

to defray the cost of one taxidermist flipping the bill, maybe mulitple taxidermist can get together and pay for or donate the materials, or even work together mounting it. Just an idea.

Sorry to say but we need another taxidermist

This response submitted by Cindy on 3/2/06 at 5:41 PM. ( Ntahq@aol.com )

Mickey is 17 years old from Lyons, Georgia; terminal with brain cancer. Mickey will be hunting exotics at the Mayfield Ranch in San Angelo, Texas, April 10-14th. Please contact NTAHQ if you are located in or around Lyons, Georgia or San Angelo, Texas and would be willing to mount the animal in a short time frame at zero cost to the child and his family.

you would

This response submitted by Dave on 3/2/06 at 7:57 PM. ( )

think a supply co. would gladly donate the materials needed to a reputable taxidermist for this. It is tax deductable right?

got it covered

This response submitted by Tina Barber on 3/2/06 at 9:41 PM. ( )

Spoke with Cindy this afternoon and was contacted by cordinator of this org. John and I will be taking care of two of the kids with Wes Sykes of San Angelo helping with the other. This is a great thing this group does and if you ever have the chance to help them out jump at it. The smiles on their faces will cover way more than any expense you may of had. God willing none of us will ever have to bear what these families are going through.

Supply companies do furnish the supplies for free

This response submitted by Dawn on 3/2/06 at 10:02 PM. ( )

The Michigan Taxidermist Association has been actively involved with the Hunt Of A Lifetime program for the past couple of years. We mount a project at our show every year for a deserving child while the public looks on.

We also have our own program called the Dream Makers in which we sponsor children on hunts as well as have members who volunteer to do the mounts for them.

McKenzie Taxidermy sponsors the forms and supplies for the Hunt of A Lifetime program. As well as many tanneries participate and tan the hides for free. I know the Wildlife Gallery here in Michigan participates in the program.

And often taxidermists participate on their own. I got involved in this cause when a couple of years back my husband was contacted by a co-worker who was wanting to have a deer mounted that his daughter had shot. She was battling brain cancer for the second time and she was now terminal. When I realized the family had so many medical bills I talked with my husband and told him that I would mount the deer for her at no cost to the family.

Her family was never told this. That was until we delivered the deer to the young girl. When her parents tried to pay us for the mount we told them it was our gift to their daughter. Just her smile - was all the pay that we needed.

The remarkable young girl lost her fight with cancer 8 months later -one week before her 18th birthday. We attended her funeral and there with all of her favorite possessions was her whitetail buck.

We were humbled to know that she treasured that mount.

I can promise you that this experience if you participate will change your life. The money I spent out of my pocket to mount that little buck was the best money I ever spent in my entire life. And I would do it again just to see another child smile.

But if you would like to get involved and you can give a little bit of your time to make someones dream come true - give Cindy a call if you can lend a hand. If Cindy doesn't have a child in your neighborhood than give the Hunt of a Lifetime a call. They can set you up with a local representative in your area.

God Bless these little children - and god bless the little angels who have left us.

I just

This response submitted by Dave on 3/3/06 at 6:18 AM. ( )

volunteered to do any mounts needed in Pa. I am glad to hear that a supply co. is helping with this. I would think that tanneries would also.

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