Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated

Submitted by George on 3/2/06 at 9:11 PM. ( )

Again, I've been humbled by the kind thoughts, prayers and generosity of taxidermists. I admit readily to be quite undeserving, but remain gracious and indebted for them anyway.

Some of you may not care, so just click your back arrow and scroll on at this point. For the rest of you, here's the rest of the story.

For years I've suffered with an elevated diaphragm which gives me less than 50% lung capacity. Suddenly in November, however, my testostone level tanked to dangerous lows. I didn't turn into a tenor, but I gained 20 pounds with a couple months which made the diaphragm worse. To correct the weight issue, I was put on a diet and told to lose 70 pounds. At the same time, I was put on steroids. Within weeks I was losing muscle mass at an alarming rate, energy levels were shot, and I was becoming physically distressed. Doctors diagnosed me with Lou Gehrigs disease (a fatal disease with a life expectancy of no more than 5 years). I was scheduled for a second opinion by a neurologist. Last week, the neurologist discovered that what I was really suffering from was a rare occurrence (less than 1/10th of 1% of patients experience it)of a polar opposite reaction to the steroids. He pulled the plug on them and told me to take a 6 weeks break from them and I should be back to "normal". He said at that time, they'd decide WHICH steroids I needed to correct my weight and energy problems.

Anyway, relieved that I wasn't dying, I went home and started working on the diet. I'd lost about 20 pound when, last Saturday morning, I awoke with severe stomach cramps. I went to the bathroom. The next recollection I have was lying on the bathroom floor wondering how I got there. Then I recall awakening to Connie standing over me shouting my name. I looked around and saw that somehow I was now on the bedroom hardwood floor. I recall asking her how I got there and she said that I'd just fallen there. I was still in distress and I told her to call 911. Just snippets of memory remain of the EMT putting me on a stretcher and bringing me downstairs and into the ambulance. I awoke to stay at the hospital. The doctor had me wired up like the underside of a car dashboard with a morphine drip. He told me that I'd suffered an intestinal blockage, a severe concussion and a fractured rib at some point in time. I found that I had a tube down my nose into my stomach relieving the blockage and I had a 5 day, Do Not Pass Go Pass to stay in their facilities.

I just got released yesterday and I'm still VERY weak. I've now lost 30 pound thanks to living on IV fluids for a week, my head still smarts a bit, and my rib kicks my butt every time I sneeze or cough. (In case you don't know, they do NOTHING from broken ribs). So I've been on here and I've read them. Right now, I'm limiting my inputs because unless there's a real boneheaded reply, it's not worth using what limited energy I have. (Of course, I did find one already and managed to piss in someone's Post Toasties. Oops! )

Again, I want to thank all you beautiful people. I thank the ugly and the smartassed ones as well since they manage to give me so much more pleasure than you great people do. LOL. God Bless you all.

Now, back to lurking for awhile.

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Glad to hear..

This response submitted by Greg Waite on 3/2/06 at 9:21 PM. ( )

that your doing better.

glad to see ya back

This response submitted by jason on 3/2/06 at 9:22 PM. ( )

welcome back pal,hope all is well

Good to see you back

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 3/2/06 at 9:22 PM. ( )

I was afraid it was something I said, lol. Half the battle is finding out what's wrong. Once you know or they know it can be fixed. You been missed. Nobody has questioned the legitamacy of anyones birth lately.
Love Ya

Differences aside...

This response submitted by deer4ager on 3/2/06 at 9:27 PM. ( )

I am glad to hear your on the way to recovery. We miss your smart a$$


Welcome back,

This response submitted by Frank E Sekula on 3/2/06 at 9:31 PM. ( )

George, With a lower testostone you sure still have the spunk.All kidding besides you take the rest you need and deserve and thank god for the wonderful wife you have.


This response submitted by TD on 3/2/06 at 9:42 PM. ( )

...if you feel a sneeze comin on....bite your top lip.....that.s what I was told and it worked(maybe sycalogical but works never the less)and yes I know my spelling sux.....get well soon!...TD


This response submitted by Ken on 3/2/06 at 9:47 PM. ( )

You are a man after my own heart...just do everybody here a favor...take care of yourself. We need an old CSM like yourself to keep us all in line!

wishing you a speedy recovery

This response submitted by charles on 3/2/06 at 9:47 PM. ( )

George I have never had the pleasure to meet you in perspn like a few people here on taxidermy net has,but i wish you well.Theres two taxidermist that ive wanted to meet since i started taxidermy thats you and Bill Yox.maybe one day i can get to one of the taxidermy shows and meet you guys,till then keep on keeping people straight on here.


This response submitted by tomdes on 3/2/06 at 9:51 PM. ( )

Glad to have you back, hope you're feeling better. The site just wasn't quite the same without you. It's funny, some people got irate because other people kept referencing GEORGE all the time. It just show's how popular you really are big guy, even amongst your dissenters!


This response submitted by Skullery....Jeff on 3/2/06 at 10:08 PM. ( )

Sure is good to hear you are home again. Nice having you back, you certainly were missed. This place isn't the same without you. Thank you for all you have contributed to so many of us.

Glad your back George

This response submitted by J. Randall on 3/2/06 at 10:16 PM. ( )

Sounds like you have been through the wringer, I know what you mean about the ribs ouch, hope your back up to par soon.
Take care and best to you and your's.

Good to see you made it back...

This response submitted by Craig on 3/2/06 at 10:22 PM. ( )

to the real world. You have been sorely missed.

welcome back been saving this one

This response submitted by mark b on 3/2/06 at 10:34 PM. ( )


Take care

This response submitted by Dal on 3/2/06 at 10:56 PM. ( )

of yourself George; and stay away from those doctors. Hope you have a full and speedy recovery. Don't be too rough on the Mrs., she might mess with the meds. Glad you are still kicking.

George glad you are back home !

This response submitted by jim Burnside on 3/2/06 at 11:26 PM. ( )

George , glad that your hospital stay is over and that you are back home . Take care of yourself us old Vets aren't as young as we used to be . lol . I do hope that you get to feeling much better soon .
Have a good day .. Jim Burnside

Best wishes

This response submitted by mrdux on 3/2/06 at 11:29 PM. ( )

Glad you are back among the living. Having just gone thru 2 weeks of pneumonia and a overload of steroids, I can feel for you with the meds thing. Also, my Dad recently fell on an icy patch and broke 3 ribs. He has always been tougher than a pine knot but that has slowed him WAY down. Take care and take the advice of the Drs. That's why they make the big bucks.

Take it easy George

This response submitted by joeym on 3/2/06 at 11:31 PM. ( )

and let your health return to normal. Hope each day will get better for you. We are all rooting for your recovery.


This response submitted by Paul Czarnecki on 3/3/06 at 8:28 AM. ( )

George, remember this?
"George, not to add fuel to the fire but I've noticed that your posts lately are ALWAYS derogatory and inflammatory and your grammar and spelling are off. Are you feeling ok?"

George, the next time I ask you if you are feeling ok, that you don't seem to be yourself or is something wrong----GET TO A DAMN DOCTOR! I hate to say I told you so but, "I TOLD YOU SO!" LOLOL

Glad you're back!


Glad your back..

This response submitted by Marc A on 3/3/06 at 9:27 AM. ( )

Talk about your "CRASH" diets, LOL Welcome back !

<><>WOW WOW WOW <><>

This response submitted by EARL on 3/3/06 at 10:27 AM. ( ANT/TAX )

I thought there were only two people that liked you,Bill & I..What a fan club,YOU SHOULD BE HONORED buddy............Earl

George quit drinking DP

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 3/3/06 at 10:50 AM. ( J32a@AOL.COM )

and sallow some stop rot, it flows out better and will cure ya. Sorry Get well soon....

all is well now glad your back

This response submitted by paul e on 3/3/06 at 11:05 AM. ( )

we missed you

all is well now glad your back

This response submitted by paul e on 3/3/06 at 11:08 AM. ( )

we missed you

have you tried Krowtann?

This response submitted by Greg C on 3/3/06 at 11:33 AM. ( )

I hear it can do anything. Glad to see you're back. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

good to see you back

This response submitted by hoot on 3/3/06 at 12:05 PM. ( )

Good to see you back

who's George ?

This response submitted by Carlton on 3/3/06 at 12:57 PM. ( )

Glad your ok, hope your up to typing soon, so my wife will have something to look forward to reading at 11:30 pm when she comes in from work. She had rather read this than go to a movie. Best wishes.

Rest up,my friend

This response submitted by Ken Walker on 3/3/06 at 2:12 PM. ( () )

Guess I shouldn`t call you up and make you laugh just yet.If it gets you behind in your work,let me know.Maybe I can plan a working visit!Just get well.

Welcome back George

This response submitted by Becky P on 3/3/06 at 4:57 PM. ( )

Take care of yourself, we need you around here. BP


This response submitted by Alex on 3/3/06 at 7:33 PM. ( )

I thought i had written your medical report, i went through the exact same thing in 1978 and 1983 with the blockage due to war injuries in nam and surgery 5 times.

you know we can count ourselves lucky or graced to be amongst the living, most everyone will die witha bdominal blockages, so you and I must have the same angel on our site.

You know I discovered the easy way to loose LBS, i got myself into a regime of Amino Acids and have lost 40+ Lbs in 6 months.

although I have lost quite a bit of muscles that can be regain with exercise, I take some called insulin fuel and boy it burns the fat.

To almost 1LB a day.

Anyways Glad your back. Peace

Good to hear

This response submitted by DaveT on 3/4/06 at 11:18 AM. ( )

glad to hear your are feeling better. One question, how they heck did they get a tube down your nose? You must have been unconscience as I know they wouldn't have got one down any other way. Rest up and get well


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