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Submitted by John Morley on 3/3/06 at 8:48 AM. ( )

I will be offering free shipping for the E-Z Stand as the 'show season' kicks off. I have plans to attend the Pa., NY, WV, and Surry shows (probably more).

I'm having the web site updated now.

In my effort to remain customer focused I want to pass on the shipping savings to the folks not able to attend these shows.

As always there is a 30 day money back promise (only stipulation is you have to tell me what you do not like about the stand ). Save your self some head ache - as simple as it is in design you will not be able to cost effectively build it yourself as the ‘hinge' is the expensive part.

Feel free to bring a stand to any of these shows if you need the resistance 'tweaked' to your personal preference. The E-Z stand is designed to last you a lifetime of everyday use. It is not a stand that you are buying - it is convenience you are buying. Your satisfaction is my #1 goal.

Thank you WASCO for providing us with this Great site.

Thank you
John Morley

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This response submitted by John Patrick on 3/3/06 at 8:13 PM. ( )

Mr Morley - that is a great offer. I will see you in Surry County at the Mini-Course.

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