Saw Something Spectacular this Morning.

Submitted by Easton on 3/4/06 at 9:44 AM. ( )

I was driving to work this morning and up in an old cottonwood tree there was a pair of beautiful bald eagles. Too bad I didn't have a camera.

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This response submitted by jeff on 3/4/06 at 10:03 AM. ( )

that would be so cool. sightings like that are pretty common, when you don't have a camera. I was out scouting turkeys one evening back in 95', and I was almost back to my truck when I heard something coming towards me and thought it was a deer, so I stopped and waited to see how close it would get to me. Being a dusk, in the hemlocks it's hard to see anything and the noise was getting louder. I started walk at a fast pace for about 30 steps, I stopped and turned around to see 5 full-grown bears come up out of the bottom. I thought hmmm, I could've been dinner. They walked right up the road where I came from and the last one turned around sat down and looked at me. What a beautiful sight, to see five bears within 35 years of me. No camera! the only thing I had was some calls, owl hooter, and a pocket knife.

35 yards.

This response submitted by Jeff on 3/4/06 at 10:04 AM. ( )

I don't proof read, can you tell?

Yes, Spring is arriving

This response submitted by Bud on 3/4/06 at 6:19 PM. ( )

a lot of solitaries are starting to pair up.

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