Anti`s win another one

Submitted by Ken R.Walker on 3/4/06 at 10:41 AM. ( () )

Say good-bye to the Alberta Grizzly hunt.The mis-information that was promoted in this campaign was staggering and we were sure the goverment knew this.I see Grizzly`s almost every time I`m out and they are getting bolder all the time.Already there is talk of "shoot,shovel,and shut-up" bear management.What a shame.

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Oh Ken

This response submitted by Evelyn on 3/4/06 at 10:52 AM. ( )

Just wait till the bears had a few Antis for breakfast and they may want you to go and shoot a few of them again (bears not antis, even though Anti season wouldn't be a bad idea to replace the lost bear season).Call me sometimes. I haven't heard from you in ages.

ignorance is bliss

This response submitted by DaveT on 3/4/06 at 11:04 AM. ( )

I use to backpack into the scapegoat wilderness area in MT... I quit because of the grizzly bear numbers. Anyone who thinks that grizzlies are endangered is either sitting in an office or has never been to the north west. Shame to hear about the loss of another season.


But Grizzly's are friendly critters...

This response submitted by AndyO on 3/4/06 at 11:27 AM. ( )

just ask "Grizzley Man". Oh wait, you cant, he was eaten by his friendly grizzly friend. That idiot did more harm than good painting a picture that the bears can interact with humans. I'm not in grizzly country, but I bet those who are see these wackos coming out of the woodwork trying to "protect" the bears.


This response submitted by Gina on 3/4/06 at 1:42 PM. ( )

its going to be a regular buffet out there in no time. Hikers campers and fishers are all going to be victims of this useless protection of bears. They have no natural enemies and will outnumber the antis in no tim, picking thier teeth with the antis bones. Notice they dont protect roaches, well thats what bear populations are going to be like in about 10 years. We dont have them here , but they will be soon, then the Antis will have to explain why all our deer populations are being deminished by the over abundance of bears. Especially the Columbian Whitetail!. Once a bear learns he can scare people, he will be knocking at he door for free dinner, wether it be human, livestock or frozen entree.

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