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for the heads up on the History Channel Taxidermy show. That was the best presentation I have seen. The Plastination Procedure looks very interesting. That show is now in Atlanta, and my wife and I are going to check it out. Thanks again, and anybody that missed it, go to and order a copy.

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Before You Go to Atlanta

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You should know that what is on display there is not what you saw last night Dal. I saw the exhibit here in NYC back in December and passed up seeing it again when I was in Houston last week. I could honestly say I wished I never went. The human bodies that were plastinated all came from Chinese prison camps. Many bore signs of mutilation and abuse. They were not done half as well as what I saw at NYU last year as those were done by the same German fella you saw on TV last night. I had to walk out when I saw the display of children from in the womb on up. To me there's a world of difference betweem taxidermy and plastination. I only hope the public understands it as well. However if you do go see it, I'd like to know your opinion of what you see it as.

I found

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The program after that on tanning more interesting .

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