Gun Stock Paint

Submitted by JC on 3/9/06 at 7:48 PM. ( )

This is not taxidermy related,but I was hoping someone one could help me out, I am wanting to camo my gun stock,it is a 17HMR with a laminated stock and I am trying to figure out what type of paint to use that would be somewhat durable and flat and also how would I prep the laminated stock to accept the paint. Thanks for any info that you have.

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This response submitted by Greg Waite on 3/9/06 at 7:56 PM. ( )

I use Krylon to paint vinyl, so it would work. Clean really good with denatured alcohol, Krylon Cano paint to your desire, then apply Krylon matte clear.

Thanks Greg..

This response submitted by JC on 3/9/06 at 9:07 PM. ( )

I'll give it a try,would the laminated stock need to be lightly sanded any,it has a real smooth shiny finish.


This response submitted by Trapper on 3/10/06 at 3:50 PM. ( )

of my own weapons. The paint of choice is definitely marsh grass yellow for a base coat. I got mine (liquid can, but spray works too) from Gander Mountain. Latex based..takes time to dry but wont rub off easily. Good Luck

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