PTA convention

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432 pieces in the show this year Great time so far

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All I can say is WOW!

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This is my second year at the show and what some said "it only gets better each year" is exactly right. I'm having a hard time remembering all the names of those folks that I've met! I found one secret that I can share with those new to the PA shows (it'll work at other shows too). You need to start up the conversations with folks. Once you do, you'll meet tons of new people.
Every question I've had was answered and then some! Most of the major vendors\suppliers are here and yes they're going home with large sums of my money :-)
I have to share something with ya that I thought was the coolest thing I saw so far! It's two things actually, but they're closely related. I the opportunity to meet Nina, who's 15 years old and posted here a few days ago, telling us how excited she was to attend the show for the first time. She was there with her Mom, who I could tell from talking with her gives her full support on Nina's endeavors in learning the beautiful art of taxidermy that we all love. That support alone is such a great and rare thing to see in today's world of stress and the never ending rat race we call life! If only we could clone the attributes of Nina's Mom that support and love their kids passions for what they are, even if it's a passion that isn't shared among most kids her age, and that take the time to foster those passions so their kids can succeed. Kids Nina's age that have the drive and desire to chase after their passions are really to hard to come by these days and when they are and they're supported like Nina is the sky's the limit.
So that's the first part of the cool thing I saw!
Here's the second part, guess who got to sit right next to and mount a Grey Fox at the same time with Brian Harness at his seminar? Yeap, Nina! Man, talk about getting that girl hooked on taxidermy! She's gonna have a high that last for weeks or maybe months :-) I glanced at her Mom while Nina was working a few times and you could just see the enjoyment and the proud looks on her face. I could just imagine how proud she was! And what a great gesture on Brian's part! BTW, it was a great seminar!

I wanted to share that with all of you because I felt that we hear so many negative things about the anti-hunters, youth not wanting to learn to hunt, gun control, hunters #'s declining, etc... that positive things are drowned out by it. Rest assured, there are Nina's Mom and Nina's still out there. :-)

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