Submitted by a book reader on 3/12/06 at 6:29 PM. ( )

Earl in an earlier post I made to George Roof about his book.You replied stating that the "NUT-CASE" was back but only with kinder words. I assure you Earl that I am no "NUT-CASE" and I really take offense in being called one, especially when you do not know me or anything about me. Earl in the future maybe it would be wise for you to think before you type. FYI: I was posting to George that I really enjoyed his book and would love to read more books like his. Now how can you conclude that I am a "NUT-CASE" just by reading a compliment that was posted to George?

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book reader

This response submitted by Derek on 3/12/06 at 6:56 PM. ( bowserwildlifecreations@alltel.net )

not that its any of my business but earl was refering to mr Kim I believe, just last week kim and george and a little row over georges obsevations about the 7mm in his book, so i wouldnt be too upset at earl, he wasnt refering to you, Derek


This response submitted by jimmy on 3/12/06 at 7:01 PM. ( )

If we all had a buck for everytime Earl called someone a nutjob or nutcase, we would be rich.


This response submitted by EARL on 3/12/06 at 8:40 PM. ( ANT/TAX )

I call it as I see it and if your that KIM/KJM from Co. and your the person that had all the asinine remarks about George last week then yes your "NUT-CASE"..Stevy Wonder could see you have a problem..

In Earls Defense

This response submitted by BRIAN MASTERS on 3/13/06 at 10:16 AM. ( lvu2hunthn-at-aol )

He is like any predator. A Bass can be stimulated into striking with a fast moving presentation within the strike range. A big cat, or even a bear cannot resist attacking something that runs. It is a predatory instinct. earl cannot resist demonstrating his vast vocabulary of fowl language and insults. Like other predators. He lacks development in the frontal lobe to initiate self control. But you got to admire his mastery of ignorance.


This response submitted by EARL on 3/13/06 at 1:42 PM. ( ANT/TAX )

That was real funny,about as funny as the comments made by the "NUT-CASE" Your as bad as I am ,you just had to make a comment..Earl


This response submitted by book reader on 3/13/06 at 1:58 PM. ( )

I appologize to you Earl for blasting you. I read your posts and just thought that you were call me a "NUT-CASE" but after posting and going back and reading again I see that you were not refering to me. So I appologize. A book reader..

After Thought

This response submitted by a book reader on 3/13/06 at 2:01 PM. ( )

I assure you that I am not this KIM/KJM from Co.. I am located in Tn
Again I just wanted to clear this up.

Yes Earl

This response submitted by Brian Masters on 3/13/06 at 7:26 PM. ( Lvu2hunthn-At-aol )

You probably are right. I am In ways as bad as you. However, I am 17 years old, and will probably outgrow my infatuation for a good verbal conflict. How old are you? I doubt you will ever gain enough intellect to debate without name calling.


This response submitted by EARL on 3/13/06 at 8:12 PM. ( ANT/TAX )

17 and already a "KNOW-IT-ALL" If you don't know what I'm talking about,stay out of it,keep your comments to your self...Earl

Good advice

This response submitted by Brian Masters on 3/13/06 at 9:57 PM. ( )

You too might try taking it yourself. Seems you do not like it when others do as you do. what is wrong? Can't stand to see your faults in others. Besides how can I know what you are talking about. When you, Yourself rarely do!


This response submitted by EARL on 3/14/06 at 7:12 AM. ( ANT/TAX )

I think your mommy calling you,the stage is yours...Earl

EARL Earl earl

This response submitted by Brian Masters on 3/14/06 at 7:30 PM. ( )

Bout time for you to go to searchin the honky tonks and bars and Kill the man who gave you that awfull name. Then you may feal better


This response submitted by EARL on 3/14/06 at 9:06 PM. ( ANT/TAX )

Past your bed time little boy..

poor "EARL"

This response submitted by Brian Masters on 3/14/06 at 11:20 PM. ( )

Try as you may you just can't cut it. The simple truth is you are nothing but an instigator. I have done extensive research here on the taxidermy net. and it is extremely rare that you have offered even the smallest bit of sound instruction here. all you do is go around instigating trouble and using this site to peddle your junk, like some sort of flee market taxidermist. But I like chatting with you. it amuses me. I only wish your responses showed a bit more forethought and intellect. Right now I feel bad. Kind of like I am having a battle of wits with an unarmed man. There is one thing I am very curious about. It seems that the majority of you major and or long term conflicts are with teen age males. Me, Jay, Just to mention a few. what is up with dat? You ain't one of those funny fellows are you? Is this some kind of infatuation thing? You know like in grade school when the boys would antagonize the girls they liked because they did not know how to approach them. is that it EARL are you funny? Personally I am not that way. But I do know some teens I can hook you up with maybe that will relieve some of this stress and frustration you seem to have bottled up inside.
Be Honest Earl, Maybe I can help you work these problems out. Did your mommy wash you too vigorously when you were a small boy or something? or was it your dad? Oh my God Both! let me help you earl. Just think of me as the taxidermy net's Dr. Phil. Let it all out so I can help you.


This response submitted by EARL on 3/15/06 at 8:49 AM. ( ANT/TAX )

I knew you were kind of funny from the begining.You and Jay,a match made in heaven..

well sorry EARL

This response submitted by Brian masters on 3/15/06 at 10:05 PM. ( )

You thought wrong. Along with your other problems. you can't read. I clearly stated I am not that way. but why break a record hey? Once again you thought. And as usual it was a disaster. I realize it is not often you do actually think. but even the few times you try. You are wrong.

<><>DEAR BRIAN<><>

This response submitted by EARL on 3/15/06 at 10:13 PM. ( ANT/TAX )

I'm so sorry with all my wrong thoughts of you and we all can see what I'm dealing with..My final thoughts,YOUR A TOTAL [expletive deleted],SEE YA..

i know

This response submitted by brian on 3/15/06 at 10:39 PM. ( predatorforlife@optonline.net )

i know this is not my business but earl your allright in my book. you are one funny sob. i hope to read more from you in the future.brian


This response submitted by Brian Masters on 3/16/06 at 5:38 PM. ( )

I bet

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