Submitted by 9 on 3/14/06 at 12:44 AM. ( )

I had a very good experience with McKenzie. It was my first time purchasing from them.
I'm usually a Van Dyke's purchaser but they just didn't have the form I was looking for this time. So I went over to McKenzie and looked around.
The order all was shipped at once and only took 3 days to get to me. The actual customer service woman who took my order e-mailed me the tracking #'s. I spoke to the CSR throughout the process. Changes in the order were easy up to the time of shipping. The prices are not bad at all. Selection is a little weak with certain things like some chemicals and some eyes, but they'll get there.

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This response submitted by Don on 3/14/06 at 1:31 AM. ( )

Is very good. I've had some troubles with Van Dykes in the past. Research Mannikans are also very good with excellent prices on deer forms.


This response submitted by Rich P. on 3/14/06 at 9:55 AM. ( )

They are one of the best. The only problem I have sometimes is their form measurements in the catalog don't match the form when you get it. Some of the ones I ordered were off an inch and a half to two inches on length and girth. And some of the fish heads were off as well. They exchanged them with no problem.


This response submitted by Andy on 3/14/06 at 10:55 AM. ( )

Is very good too! I have never had a problem with them with ANYTHING! When I ordered the fish taxidermy manual it had duplicate chapters in it. I called to discuss it with them and they shipped out another one for free. I asked if they wanted me to return the one I ordered and was told not to bother!

Oh, by the way. Thanks for this site too!


McKenzie Forms

This response submitted by whitey fisk on 3/14/06 at 10:17 PM. ( )

If you like McKenzie forms you should give Joe Meder forms a try there the best forms available for mature bucks.

I have found

This response submitted by charles on 3/15/06 at 2:48 PM. ( )

that McKenzie forms have shorter eye to nose measurements than the catalog states so I never order a 1/4 smaller cause youll be a 1/2 inch smaller for example if you need a 6 3/4 dont order a 6 1/2 thinking that 1/4 inch wont matter cause it will really be a 6 1/4 and youll be a half inch off. I really like the McKenzie forms there the best i think.I do think meckenzie should look into fixing the problem with the eye to nose measurments though.

If you Like McKenzie

This response submitted by Mike on 3/15/06 at 4:06 PM. ( )

try Competitor's Choice from Matuska. The forms are excellent and they have great service.

Dumb comparisments

This response submitted by William on 3/16/06 at 9:30 AM. ( )

So if l really like Mc Kenzies,,,l should really try someone elses?
l guess Joe and Matuska, handle lifesize Bongos, Marcos and Urials .....

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