Propionic Acid

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Soneone called me today and had a drum (55 gallons) of propionic acid to give away. I searched the archives and found nothing. Does propionic acid have a place anywhere in taxidermy or tanning? It was used by this person to initiate fermentation in ensiled forages.

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I don't think it's usefull in Tanning

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The American HeritageŽ Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.

propionic acid

SYLLABICATION: proˇpiˇonˇic acid
NOUN: A liquid fatty acid, CH3CH2COOH, found naturally in sweat, in milk products, and as a product of bacterial fermentation. Prepared synthetically from ethyl alcohol and carbon monoxide, it is used chiefly in the form of its propionates as a mold inhibitor in bread and as an ingredient in perfume. Also called propanoic acid.

I thought

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Saftee acid was a fatty acid

What's its pH?

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It's pH concentrated and in solution would seem to me to be an important property, as this inhibits bacterial growth in the pickle. But there may be other properties that are desirable in a pickling acid too. Can you try some on a sample skin?

According to Meck index

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It is an oily liquid. It can "salted" out of water solutions by the addition of CaCl2 or other salts....(i.e. sodium chloride).

It also has a slightly pungent, disagreeable, rancid odor.

I don't know exactly at what concentrations, but I bet you don't want your acid floating on top of your pickle and surely don't want a rancid odor in the shop.

I'd pass on the propionic...

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