Breakthrough Magazine

Submitted by Todd C on 3/15/06 at 12:01 PM. ( )

Has anyone recieved the latest Breakthrough Magazine?
I did not recirve my last one and I see on their website
that an even newer issue is out.
And yes my subscription is paid up.
Thanks Todd

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Got mine

This response submitted by Cliff on 3/15/06 at 12:39 PM. ( )

I just got mine a couple of days ago.


This response submitted by on 3/15/06 at 3:40 PM. ( )

Got mine last week as well as new issue of Taxidermy Today.

Came a week ago

This response submitted by Mike on 3/15/06 at 4:02 PM. ( )

Good issue w/red fox and mouse on the cover.

That happend to me...

This response submitted by Breck on 3/15/06 at 5:25 PM. ( )

...a few issues back and they were very good about getting it to me, just give them a call. I'd wait a week or two first.


This response submitted by Dave on 3/15/06 at 8:18 PM. ( )

what red fox and mouse, I didn't get mine either, but Taxidermy Today came today.

Give them a call

This response submitted by clewis on 3/15/06 at 10:58 PM. ( )

They are great to work with and will most likely send you a replacement very quickly. You will find their toll free number inside any Breakthrough Magazine issue. Good luck.

Give it another week

This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 3/16/06 at 8:56 AM. ( )

Although the magazine has been mailed out, it usually take a week or two for the US Postal Service to get it to everyone. I'm still waiting for my issue here in Georgia.

Be a little compassionate please

This response submitted by J J on 3/16/06 at 3:09 PM. ( )

On 3/6/06 the Breakthrough family suffered a severe loss with the passing of Sally Dupuy. Give them some time for healing before calling to find out about a missing issue that Ms.Sally did so well in taking care of for them. This is not to say that your problem is less important. Just that when we loose someone in our lives, business or family like Breakthrough just did, it stings more than we can know.

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