Ohio Assocation of Taxidermist

Submitted by Craig Willson on 3/15/06 at 8:04 PM. ( )

OAT's is breaking away from the National Taxidermist Assocation and are no longer a state affiliated chapter. Does anyone know why for this sad break up?

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I didn't know that

This response submitted by Matt on 3/15/06 at 9:14 PM. ( )

I have not been an Ohio member for a few years now, but I plan on competing at the Delaware show and will re new. If you hear why this is happening please post it. There was alot of things going on when I was a board member and I chose to get out, but I heard things have changed and I am looking forward to coming back and help out as much as I can.

I was going too

This response submitted by terry on 3/15/06 at 11:46 PM. ( )

I'm a lifetime member of the NTA & was going to go to the Ohio show. It's nice when you don't have to pay state dues when you're an NTA member. I probablly won't make it this year now. That's one reason that I joined the NTA for life, to help out in other state competitions. Our KY. chapter isn'r affiliated with the NTA either. What's going on with people leaving them anyway?

Here's what I know.

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 3/16/06 at 3:03 AM. ( )

Many states had to leave because of the 100% mandate made a few years ago. It came to the point that numbers were dwindling and dwindling. If we had a strong national organization(and we NEVER will) it might have worked out ok. As it is many of the state associations don't feel the NTA is doing anything for them.

THIS IS JUST WHAT I HEAR! Don't bother flaming me over it.

Also I mean a STRONG organization in NUMBERS. Even if EVERY single taxidermist would join the NTA it still would not be very strong. Compared to the NRA, DU and NWTF we are miniscule. We can never have any power. Taxidermy orgs are best utilized for what they were built for. Helping to improve the quality of taxidermy. Need hunting issues pushed? better see one of the other groups.

Well, waiting for George to start.......

This response submitted by Not Important on 3/16/06 at 12:32 PM. ( )

Surprised George has not started pontificating over the
"majestic NTA). ........perhaps he lost interest since he lost! HEHe!

Kim, you make hemmorhoids look like zits

This response submitted by George on 3/17/06 at 5:40 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Jim, you know your statement about the NTA never being a strong organization is self-fulfilling when people like you don't take a direct interest in the process. I keep wonder, If the NTA doesn't do ANYTHING for you, what is SOMETHING you'd like it to do that it hasn't. By not affiliating, a state association stonewalls their members. Those members can never be anything other than "State Champion". That's why we have so many members (over 65) from Ohio to begin with.

And you are correct that the NTA will never be like DU or the NRA. The reason is that those organizations cater to the well-heeled and intelligent people. We've already established that taxidermists do this for love, and by and large are just too dumb to see any advantage of forming a national front for our organization. You look at the makeup of ANY of those top end organizations and tell me the titles they carry behind their names and the levels of education you're dealing with. Then look at the NTA and the majority of us can only boast of a high school education I'd bet you that the NRA has more lawyers and doctors as members from Ohio than you have MEMBERS. It's just a sad fact that the people who claim to WANT us to be a driving force in the industry, refuse to support it You probably spend more on junk food in a month than the year's NTA membeship would cost you, yet the hue and cry is "no one wants to pay $50 just so we can be affiliated". (In actuality, affiliated states only pay $48 for membership, get a $100 refund for their state shows, and get a free suite for their president at the Nationals along with a banquet ticket.)

Jim, I don't expect anything better out of psycho-babblers like Kim, but for some reason, I thought you were smarter than he is.

Oats Board Member

This response submitted by Jett on 3/17/06 at 10:59 PM. ( )

In the last several years membership has been going down.And with Ohio having two different associations where it would cost you 70.00 just to be a Oats member compared to 30.00 for a PTO member. We left it up to the OATS member at the last show and they voted it down. It doesn't make me a difference I will still be a NTA member untill I don't what to be.

Thank you Jett

This response submitted by George on 3/18/06 at 10:48 AM. ( )

I understand that. I understand all of that. None of us can force anyone to be a member of anything. I see it happeing nationwide, however. They complain about paying $70, but that's only the tip. They'll soon complain about "throwing $30 away". It all goes back to what I first said above. I'm certainly not picking on Ohio, as it's been the same all along. Many have claimed that the affiliation requirement would ruin NTA memberships. Sadly, the mathematics just don't support that idea. The NTA usually maintains a roll of slightly over 2000 members. That's been the average even BEFORE the affiliation. Each year we lose about 30% of them and each year we gain 30% of them. The NTA finds itself between a rock and a hard place. IF we could gain 2/3 of all American practicing taxidermists as members, that would mean almost 75,000 bodies to make what we say viable. It would also do one helluva job in allowing the NTA to get bigger and bette programs at reduced costs due to volume. As you know, if you place a small order from your supplier, you may or may not get a small discount. But if you saved up all your work orders and ordered them at the same time, you'd get a huge discount on those items. Our magazine, OUTLOOK, costs us "x" amount of dollars since it's a full page, color, on good paper. We order 2500 copies of it from a printer for "x" dollars. HOWEVER, if we ordered 75,000 copies, the price per magazine would almost be halved. As in big business, "Money talks. Bullsh1t walks."

The NTA is Far From Miniscule

This response submitted by J J on 3/18/06 at 11:42 AM. ( sinclairsjj@aol.com )

Only people like Jim Tucker's mentality about the NTA is. Those of us who are in the NTA are there because we believe in and love what we do so much that we have a need to insure our profession for generations to come. I have no intentions of "flaming" you for what you hear but I could broil you for the way you interpret it here. If any state association would like to see just a few copies of letters the NTA has sent and recieved from state Fish and Wildlife agencys regarding just the CWD threat alone, send me a self addressed stamped envelope. I defy any one to tell me that the NTA is doing nothing for our industry. Just ask the taxidermists that the NTA helped out during hurricane Katrina after the TERF program was established. You got a problem with all that? Because if we as taxidermists can not come together under one nationwide banner, no other organization will do a thing for us. You really think we as an industry have no power? Would you believe that it was one single taxidermist who is soley responsible for the Federal Migratory Bird Act and saved the bison from total extermination? One single taxidermist alone championed the salvation of the mountain gorilla but don't take my word for it because the National Geographic Society made those statements! Yes and it was the American Society of Taxidermists who supported the ban on slaughtering birds for women's hats in the 1800's. It was one taxidermist who 35 years ago said enough was enough to the USFWS and started the NTA as it was meant to be and will always strive to be for years to come. Every other state organization since then owes it's beginning to the NTA. And just in case you didn't know, for the first time in the history of Safari Club International, the world's largest pro-hunting organization now has a professional taxidermist for it's president when we "need hunting issues pushed" so don't you dare tell this NTA member that we have no power!

I asked but did not recieve

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 3/27/06 at 4:10 PM. ( )

Craig Wilson asked and I told him what I knew from my association with members of OATs. Jett basically said the same thing.

Why George and JJ wish to attack me I don't know.

The NTA is good. You should join. Most don't.

The mandate does NOT hurt the NTA, it hurts the state shows. People wanting to go to the Nationals will go anyway. WHY? Because the NTA does not require that you belong to your state organization to join the NTA.

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