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Submitted by Nina Lukaszewicz on 3/17/06 at 7:37 PM. ( 1224@earthlink.net )

Today after I got home from school, I felt that I just needed to write a little. Don't ask me why I wrote it, I don't know, I just felt like rambling. An interesting read for ya, if you will take the time to look at it. :) Enjoy.

I, like a lot of girls my age, love to shop at American Eagle, look for cute guys everywhere I go, fuss about hair and makeup, talk to my friends on AIM, and listen to my iPod. I'm just a normal girl like everyone else. But there is one thing that most people think is a bit odd about me, and that is the fact that I do taxidermy. I'm not a complete tomboy, either. I still like to wear makeup, dress up on occasion, you know.

Not many girls I know will touch a large, frozen, bloody mass of deer skin with a 30 foot pole. It really isn't that gross, though. There is a lot more to taxidermy than the blood and guts part, which is pretty much non-existent, or very little. Taxidermy is like a fine art, and for me it is my passion. I have a future, unlike many people my age, who have no priorities in life other than partying and doing drugs. (Not everybody does this, but a lot do, and it's sad) But, I have something going for me. Owning a taxidermy shop of my own is my dream. And I'm intent on following that dream and never giving up.

On a typical Saturday night, most girls my age are out at the mall with their friends. But not me. I'm sitting at home, either fleshing out a deer cape, mixing up some chemicals for tanning, or putting the finishing touches on a shoulder mount. At the same time, the other girls will be in Hollister, spending all the cash they have on a few pairs of jeans. And I will be in the studio, finishing up a deer head that will get me some cash. When the girls want more clothes, or the novelty of their temporary high is worn off, they'll just go back to their parents and bug them for more money to blow. But not me. I'll be mounting as many deer heads as I can, and earning more cash with each one. What I don't understand is that so many people look down on me for what I do, and at the same time, they are the people who bum money off their parents constantly. And I don't have anything against shopping either, I love to shop! Once I get paid for a few deer mounts in the near future, I'll be hitting the mall too. It's just that the people who complain about taxidermy should take a moment to consider that it's just another way for some people to earn extra spending money.

I wish I could be making money right now, though. With the regulations in my state, I can't legally do taxidermy work for others until I am 18 and pass an exam. Then I will have to pay a certain amount of money on a permit to keep the business up and running. I hope that these regulations are changed soon. It is getting difficult to pay for supplies.

All of that aside, another thing that I find wrong in the majority of today's youth is that so many people care about nothing but the material things. They look for a temporary high that will not last. Life is a gift, and what you make of it is important. I would much rather have hobbies and actually have a life, than spend my life worrying about nothing but parties and drugs or the latest style, like I've mentioned before. People need hobbies! They need something constructive to do, that they believe in. For me, that is taxidermy. And not only is it fun, it has its benefits too; it could be my future career!

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<><>Excellent post Nina<><>

This response submitted by Jason on 3/17/06 at 7:52 PM. ( )

Very good post. I don't have much time to write a long reply but, you sound like the type of person that should be a taxidermist. I wish more people would be like you!

May God bless you and whatever you decide to do in the future!


Well done!

This response submitted by Rick Krane on 3/17/06 at 8:08 PM. ( rmkinc1@msn.com )

Well done Nina!

I enjoyed your well thought dialogue and what to me was so important in which you wrote was "Life is a gift, and what you make of it is important." a simple statement yet wisdom for all ages to read!

Your on a good road Nina!

God Bless!

Rick Krane
Anglers Artistry
312 Chesterfield rd
Hinsdale NH 03451


This response submitted by Lou on 3/17/06 at 9:06 PM. ( ljabellman@hotmail.com )

All I can say is YOU GO GIRL! :-)

You write well !

This response submitted by Sam on 3/17/06 at 9:32 PM. ( )

You write well, and no matter what you choose to do in life, you'll be well served by not doing what everyone else does. That's a very good trait to have. It takes a strong will and good character to choose your own path and not follow the crowd.

Read, study and work hard at whatever you do and aim high!

God Bless


This response submitted by Frank E Sekula on 3/17/06 at 9:37 PM. ( taxidermy223@yahoo.com )

You are a special girl with a special talent.Like I told you before you will be a top name taxidermist in the near future. Great letter and well said.

Well said Nina...

This response submitted by Mark on 3/17/06 at 9:39 PM. ( Mitrooper27@yahoo.com )

I deal with trouble kids on a daily basis, most have no direction or disipline. Its great that you have hopes and dreams, dont let anyone take that away from you. The next time I clean shop maybe I can donate something to your cause, I will keep you in mind. Good luck, Mark www.natures-reflection.com

You're Amazing Nina!

This response submitted by J J on 3/17/06 at 10:35 PM. ( sinclairsjj@aol.com )

I am so proud of you for standing up for the taxidermy industry. Not only that, you're growing up right before our very eyes on this forum. Wether or not you know this but you are setting a wonderful example to your peers as well. If there is ever anything you need that I can get or give to you just use my toll free number that I gave you last year or email me. By all means keep on writing for us as you have so much to offer all that come here. Have you ever heard of Martha Maxwell? She was a taxidermist from the 1800's who wanted to learn taxidermy so badly that she...well,if you like I can get the book that was written about her for you to read. Thankyou for your post, I enjoyed reading it very much.


This response submitted by Tony Johnson on 3/18/06 at 1:02 AM. ( )

Maybee you could try to work for another local Taxidermist. The law you descibed isn't right. The law is actually discriminating against you because of your age. I drive a school bus for medical insuance. Most of the kids I see today have a big chip on there shoulder, and like was said earlier, have no direction. Nina, good luck to you. I am sure with some determination, and hard work, your dreams will come true.

Tony Johnson


This response submitted by Paul Czarnecki on 3/18/06 at 8:13 AM. ( )

Nina just won the PTA's Rising Star award and now you know why!

Nina the PTA is working hard to make your dream come true. NO ONE should be denied the right to pursue their dream because of an exam--especially if that dream is an art like taxidermy. HB 1528 is making its way through the Senate right now. I intend to see that it passes but I could also use your help. I would like to see you send your letter to Senator Conti and all of the members of the Senate Game and Fisheries Committee. I will be contacting you shortly with the necessary information. That essay explains everything so eloquently I hope that it makes it into every taxidermy publication on the planet as well.

Thanks Nina for making my day!

Paul Czarnecki

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