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Submitted by Glen Conley on 3/19/06 at 10:48 AM. ( )

I have just started new pages with Dennis Murawska of Wisconsin and
Cory Foth of Kansas on the following directories:

World's Purdiest on
copy and paste this address, you might want to check out some of the replica work Dennis is doing:

Taxidermists' directory on Quality Taxidermy Supply

General directory on Whitetail Designer Systems

Whitetail taxidermists on Whitetail Designer Systems

The directories have been more successful than any of us would have anticipated, and they just keep growing.

Reality check. It becomes easy to take conveniences for granted. Electricity, running water, gasoline, heat, air conditioning and

If it had not been for Ken Edwards and WASCO providing the initial building blocks to bring us all together, and continuing to help us, the directories above WOULD NOT have happened. When I started the first one, I thought I would be doing good to get a dozen or so participants, but the use of this message board has sure changed that.

We owe Ken Edwards BIG TIME, and I have no idea how we could ever re-pay him for all he has done.

Mr. Edwards, thank you, SIR!

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Question Glen

This response submitted by AndyO on 3/19/06 at 1:44 PM. ( )

Whats the difference between your taxidermist directory and the one on this site? Just curious.

Andy, to be blunt, web visibility

This response submitted by Glen on 3/19/06 at 2:31 PM. ( )

for those participating. That visibility comes about as search engine returns.

To describe what has been done is what SEO (search engine optimization)companies get paid big bucks for. Jason Keehr and I put our heads together a couple of years ago and started working on a linking system to gain high placement search returns for those involved with us. Jason works for cheap, and I work for less than that.

If you want an example of effectiveness, go to Google and enter:
texas taxidermist
texas taxidermist
texas taxidermy

You will find the directories I noted above to be well represented in top ten and top twenty placements. The casual observer would never be aware of the fact that many of the individual's sites involved with us also have their web sites in that top ten and top twenty.

We have also been able to get new sites around the 8-10 month time filters that sorts out all the thousands of new sites that come on to the web every day. That's enough for now, any more and I'd just put you to sleep....

That makes sense

This response submitted by AndyO on 3/19/06 at 3:52 PM. ( )

Taxidermists with Websites would be foolish not to be on your directory. Your price (free) is within everyones budget. LOL

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