Anyone ever taken

Submitted by Kim Collins on 3/19/06 at 7:24 PM. ( )

in a job that just about kicked your butt! Well at times this weekend we felt that maybe we had. Got in a lifesize moose to do. Well hide came in in two pieces that should have been a sign of things to come.Got the hide back last month got the form in Thursday. We both took Friday off and set into working on this thing Thursday night.Boy, what a job thank God both of us didnt get that feeling of this is never going to get done at the sametime. But 40 hours of work later we got it mounted and looking dang good if I do say so myself.
Next lifesize moose that comes in better hope my hubby is there and not me or the mounting fee maybe higher then the hunt itself!
We took pictures from start to finish and I will be putting them on our site as soon as my hands dont hurt as bad as they do now.

Kim Collins
Bubba's Taxidermy

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This response submitted by Ken R.Walker on 3/19/06 at 8:45 PM. ( () )

Just finished it last week and the taxi-tuk tool saved the day!I wouldn`t have wished that job on my worst enemy.It did turn out good though.

thanks Ken

This response submitted by Mr.T on 3/20/06 at 7:52 AM. ( )

Thanks Ken for the demo you put on at the MTA, as far as I know, the bear is still at the show where you left it. :-)

Getting a Moose

This response submitted by John on 3/20/06 at 1:53 PM. ( )

in two pieces doesn't seem unuasal. Ended up doing 4 over the years and 3 of them came cut in half. The only whole skin was from New Foundland.

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