Submitted by levi timmer on 3/20/06 at 8:15 AM. ( )

how many pepole (on this forum) showed up or sent mounts in (if so what did ya send?)

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Hi Levi

This response submitted by Dawn on 3/20/06 at 8:58 AM. ( )

I was there. I brought a whitetail head and a red fox.

Did you have a piece in our Youth Division?

i was there

This response submitted by bob on 3/20/06 at 12:44 PM. ( RNTAXIDERMY@AOL.COM )

i went to the show. it was awesome. this was my first show and i entered 3 mounts in pro division. second on a walley( 3rd i ever did) third on a pair of phesants, (second and 3rd bird i ever did) the deer didnt do as well. but i didnt go for ribbons. those were extra. i went to learn, and boy did i. if you have never competed, i recomend doing so. you will be a better wild life artist if you do. i made some new friends there as well. thanks to all the members who helped me out and made my time there enjoyable.

Hi Levi

This response submitted by terry vining on 3/20/06 at 4:03 PM. ( )

I showed up. It was a great time. I entered 4 replica antler sets. Tell your Dad I said Hi too.

novice event

This response submitted by johnny on 3/20/06 at 9:12 PM. ( nexttime )

Iwas there,wife let me out,weeew.couple of nice mounts on the right as you walk in. got a nose bleed way up was people looking for help.hope they got it.first time I ever seen critters do some of those stunts.we'll,dought if Ill waist my time next year,wife will have me tied down by then,shes gaining weight every day.see ya davey boy !

Good time

This response submitted by Elmer on 3/21/06 at 6:38 AM. ( Tops )

Everyone had a good time. Levi you had some nice mounts there and I am sure it will make you better. I had the Bluegill flipping out of the water. As far as being a novice event there are several judges participants not just from this year but years before that will say the MTA has a great show. For those who brought mounts they are better off than if they didn't bring one. What ever level their skills are they just got better from the knowledge, going in the seminars and talking with fellow members and getting the judges critique.I will be there again next year. Keep on working at it Levi.

Learning experiance

This response submitted by Doug Ellis on 3/21/06 at 8:56 AM. ( )

I always look forward to this show . The judges and our senior members are full of information . always bring a mount (or 3 )with you and have several people look at it . There is no school or class you can take that can help your work improve more than compeating in a show .
Thanks again to the MTA for a great show, and see you all this summer at Jeans for the picnic

I agree with Doug

This response submitted by Andrew on 3/21/06 at 9:58 AM. ( )

Doug hit the nail on the head use the shows to learn and you will get alot out of them. I went this year first time I have entered a competition. I took a largemouth bass in the pro devision.
I went with the plan to learn as much as I could from my judge and anyone else that would let me pick their brains. I will be back next year and already thinking about makin the trip to Nationals and maybe even CO. I have family in the town next to the CO show and plus another awesome fish judge ta boot.
Thanks again to everyone that make the show run smooth and that attended I had a blast, Andy

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