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I am trying to figure out how much bailees coverage I need to carry. Any suggestions on how to figure replacement costs? I know how to figure for hides and capes, but how do you figure for the antlers/horns? My value would be totally different from what the customer would value it at. I mostly do whitetails and birds with a few critters here and there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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NTA Insurance

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I recently re-vamped my entire insurance program. I was told by my insurer, whose name I choose to remain ananymous (but the initials are State Farm), that my house, its contents, and my adjacent showroom would not be insured because SF does not insure taxidermy in any form. I insured my house through ALFA (who told me I could skin deer in my living room if I wanted to), and then I insured my business in the adjacent building with Coastal Plain, who is the NTA's insurance representative. They were very helpful in awnsering questions such as yours, and help me choose a plan that matched the amount of business that I have. The parent company is Zurich, who is no small name in insurance. Give tham a call and see if you can be assisted by a company that truly represents our industry. Hope this helps.


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that's who I was planning on using (through the NTA), but he told me to figure out what I would need for replacements. Thanks.


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I need to look at my policy. I think that Sam and I came up with a lump sum amount of indemnity for my business to pay for customers specimens in the event of something catastrophic. How much per deer, or per duck, or anything else I do not know. I'll let you know what I see in my own situation.

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made me think about something else. Suppose something happens (an insurable disaster) to a duck (migratory) and customer decides they want the "cash value" instead of a pen raised bird for replacement. Would that even be legal? Guess they may just not have a choice in that situation. Just something to think about. Hope I never need to find out.
I did get a quote yesterday from Sam. It was not bad at all. It was about the same as my home owners but covered a lot more. I may check into home owners and auto with them also. (My husband has excellent medical coverage at his job, so we are covered there.)
I would be interested in how yours is set up if you don't mind sharing. You can e-mail me if you want, fishon869ATaolDOTcom

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