A Big Thank You to All Who Attended the VTA Convention

Submitted by Mac on 3/21/06 at 10:47 PM. ( vabowhunter@worldnet.att.net )

A big Thank You to all the folk who attended the Virginia Taxidermists Association Convention and Competition this past weekend. As a former fill-in and now newly elected Member of the Board of Directors I would especially like to thank our out of state participants and attendees, we enjoyed having you visit and hope you found the show to your satisfaction. Thank You VTA members for your support and participation as well. My wife and I had the pleasure of having lunch with Joe Meder, our headlining guest seminar instructor, speaker and judge. He was a wealth of info and an enjoyable coversationalist, the VTA thanks Joe for coming on out to VA for the show. For those who attended and would like to comment, please e-mail me at the address above or at vataxidermy@worldnet.att.net. I would appreciate your critique and comments. The VTA website (http://home.att.net/~vataxidermy) shall be updated as soon as I can reformat all the pictures that were taken. Thank You all again for your participation this year, we could not do it without yall!
My Thanks Again
Mike "Mac" McLane
VTA Board of Directors

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One other thing...............

This response submitted by Mac on 3/21/06 at 10:51 PM. ( vabowhunter@worldnet.att.net )

A special Thank You to all of our semiar instructors and speakers, Joe Meder, Billy Breen, Gerry Viola, Chris Barnhart James Grey and Franklin Mabe for their time and expertice, it was greatly appreciated.

I went

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A real nice group of folks, and a nice facility too!

Thank You OldShaver

This response submitted by Mac on 3/24/06 at 7:14 AM. ( vabowhunter@worldnet.att.net )

I appreciate your comments & I will pass that on to the rest of the board. Everyone I met was very pleasant and there was some fantastic work displayed. As soon as I can get the pictures resized, I will have a cmpetition page set up on our website. I have over 100 pics to review and rotate through the page. If you have any ideas in ways that we can make it better for you, the patrons, please e-mail me. I would appreciate your suggestions!

Thank you for coming and supporting our show!

VTA - Member Board of Directors

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