Paul C. HB 1528

Submitted by Wayne on 3/22/06 at 8:16 AM. ( )

I read a recent post on HB 1528. You talked about an ammendmant for a professional license added to the bill. How would you get the license? Would it be the same testing or no test at all? What would be the cost?

P.S. E-mailed Senator Conti to let him know I support HB 1528.


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No test

This response submitted by Paul C on 3/22/06 at 11:08 AM. ( )

The amendment being worked on for HB1528 allows for a "Professional License" through the PA Dept. of Ag. This would permit that agency to maintain a database of taxidermists and allow for the dispensing of much needed info regarding legal issues and diseases like CWD, avian flu and rabies.
NO TEST! No one could administer an exam to the extent that it would be effective. As I've said a thousand times before, an exam without some sort of recertification to ensure that quality is maintained over time is a worthless venture and a silly intrusion of government into free enterprise. All of the government bodies I've spoken with on this feel the same way.
As far as a fee is concerned-- the way this works is a fee is charged based on the amount of administrative work involved. I can guarantee you it will be less than the $100 you are being charged now. The PRELIMINARY figure I'm hearing (right now) is around $50 per year.

Things are happening fast in Harrisburg these days. I'll let you know more when I do.

Paul Czarnecki

Hey Paul,

This response submitted by Tenbears on 3/22/06 at 12:15 PM. ( )

You Know I have never been In total agreement with the Pa taxidermy testing. But I will Miss it in a way. I have taught many taxidermists from west central Pa. without exception they have all been outstanding. I have enjoyed the entire experience with every one, Many still keep in contact with me. I surely will miss meeting new Pa students. But I know with the changing law. I will see far less. I do believe the changes are for the better. Only time will tell.

Thank you Paul C.

This response submitted by Wayne on 3/22/06 at 7:19 PM. ( )

Thank you for your time and response. I will be watching House Bill 1528 to see its outcome. Also, I am looking forward to joining the PA Taxidermy Association. You will be receiving my application soon.
Thanks again,

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