Thanks to all that attended United Taxidermists of New York

Submitted by Gregg Ielfield on 3/26/06 at 1:39 PM. ( )

That you to all of you that attended this weekend. It was one of the best show ever. More taxidermists than any other UTNY convention, Great supply companys. Best ever auction and Banquet. one of the best in # of competition mounts at our show. I guess a spring show will work just as good as summer! Next convention is August 2007. Check out web site in next couple weeks for photos of this Great SPring show.
Thanks again Your past president
Gregg Ielfield

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Great job Gregg!

This response submitted by tomdes on 3/26/06 at 6:50 PM. ( )


Thanks for you years of service, you and Julia did a great job. It was another great show! Good luck turkey hunting in May!


Same here Gregg

This response submitted by Paul on 3/26/06 at 8:31 PM. ( )

And thanks for the warm welcome you gave to us Jersey folks. I'm sure I can speak for all of us as we all had a great time. It was great to see all the newer and beginner taxidermist mounts there, this keeps a association strong for years to come. The best for us was our president winning the Al Holms best habitit award. I'm sure John will hang it on his wall proudly. I think its great that surrounding states help each others convention out. I know Gregg you and your wife Julia have been to ours many years competiting or judging in my 6 years associated with N.Js as well as others from N.Y. Fred Barilla and Steve Hackett from New Englands association also support all our associations and we will be in CT. in June. Again thanks Gregg and to all the officers and board of New York. P.S.Gregg, if you come to our show, compete with something with 4 legs and fur, you got the feathered friends figured out (LOL)Thanks again, Paul Bacskoczky V.P. GSTA

Yes It Was!

This response submitted by Andy on 3/27/06 at 8:22 AM. ( )

Thanks to the judges too! Following them around the competition room and listening in on their critiques to the other competiters, I gained a ton of new ideas and tips.

Also, I wish the new President, V.P., and the new board memebers good luck for the job they have at hand. See you in 2007.


Thanks to Everyone

This response submitted by Ryan L on 3/27/06 at 8:51 AM. ( )

I wanted to thank all of the judges, the board and the competitors for sharing their knowledge and making this another great show. I also wanted to let the competitors in the Amatuer division know how impressed I was with the quality of work they produced and that they are looking to be a bright future for the organization. See everyone in Aug. 2007.

Good Job, as usual!

This response submitted by Fred Barilla on 3/27/06 at 9:52 AM. ( )

Thank you to Gregg, Julia and the entire board of directors for an enjoyable show. Thanks for the plug regarding the upcoming NEAT show this June. It was great to be with good friends again, and it's nice to see that the future of the UTNY is looking bright as so many new members attended the show. I agree that it is so important that neighboring associations support eachother the way they do.

Looking forward to the Garden State Taxidermist Associaiton 2006 this May!

Fred Barilla
New England Association of Taxidermists


This response submitted by JOHN BOLLMANN on 3/27/06 at 3:47 PM. ( )

to everyone from the united taxidermists of ny
it was a great show and had a wonderfull time
you put on a really good show learned a lot and met some new friends
as well as old ones to
looking forward to seeing everone again at the garden state show in may
and also in june at the new england show
hats off to all the officers and board members for a great time

united taxidermist of new york, thank you to all members

This response submitted by scott wilkinson on 4/2/06 at 3:44 PM. ( )

just a quick thank you to all who attended our great show, it was awesome to see so many new faces and the high level of energy to learn was unparalleled. thanks to all who want me to be your vice-president, i look forward to continuing the high calibre show we put on. i look foward to seeing you all in august! i am open to any communications by my fellow taxidermists, i can be reached by phone:607-569-9301 i look foward to hearing any comments,suggestions or ideas you may have on our show. thanks again to all of you.
i would also like to take this opertunity to thank greg and julia on there excellent service to utny, and thanks to jeff for his time as board member, i look forward to seeing you all again!

scott wilkinson vice-president united taxidermist of new york

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