From the big winner at the NY show

Submitted by crittercoroner on 3/27/06 at 8:34 PM. ( )

Sorry it took so long to post the results you all were looking forward to. Seems I won so much money and so many trophies and ribbons that I had to add on a third trailer for the ride home. That even after trading in my big wheel for an electric four wheeler at the local Toys R Us.

Just one of the many awards I won, also my personal favorite:

Hardest and deadliest to judge, my lifesize mount of a grey fox sitting atop a 40 ft telephone. I forgot to tell Greg I was bringing it and they couldn't get a scissor lift last minute. It was kinda funny watching Todd K. climbing up the pole with an old Loggy Bayou treestand that someone just happened to have in the back of their pickup. Good thing I had the extra deep attachment on my auger when I was digging the hole in the parking lot. With the high winds all weekend, without going that extra four inches I'm sure my piece would have toppled over along with the judge.

Any how, thanks NY for a good time as usual, and for all the money and other stuff. Now that I have the seed money for the preserve, maybe next year I'll donate a fully guided hunt for willow ptarmigan, everything included except for your airfaire to Argentina.


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Cell tower gray?

This response submitted by Glenn on 3/28/06 at 9:49 AM. ( )

Dave, I was gonna switch my gray from two years ago to a utility pole for this year's GSTA show. Guess that's out of the question now. Anyone have an artificial cell tower? LOL Glenn.

got that covered

This response submitted by crittercoroner on 3/28/06 at 6:46 PM. ( )

Got a cell tower piece done too. Like 45 mixed turkey buzzards, black vultures, crows, ravens, and magpies. All roosted up over a black rhino that went belly up. Maybe I'll add a griffin or egyptian vulture just for a little extra color.

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