Any one know this guy?

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GREEN BAY, Wis. - A report of what appeared to be a "severed hand" carried home by a pet dog created a short-lived news media sensation — until police announced it was a lion's paw from a local taxidermist's shop.

The initial report raised speculation that the remains found by the chocolate Labrador retriever named Nestle might be traced to one of the city's missing persons cases.

But the speculation ended late Tuesday afternoon when police said that a local taxidermist had the lion's paw at his business and a relative took it home and hung it on a fence to dry. The dog apparently knocked it down and brought it his home.

"I mean, this is much ado about nothing," police Capt. Greg Urban said late Tuesday as he hurriedly explained what happened. "I'm working on an armed robbery case now."

Still, Kelly Kaisershot said her dog created a "big shock" when he dropped the severed limb by the back door and her three teenage children found it as they headed out for school Monday. She was already at work.

"They called me and said, `There's a problem here,'" she said Tuesday evening.

She estimated the 8-year-old Nestle had only been gone about 15 minutes before returning with his find.

"It looked like a human hand, I thought," Kaisershot said, describing it as off-white in color, with skin but no hair and no thumb to go with what looked like four fingers.

She sounded unconvinced it was a lion's paw.

"To me, it just seems strange," she said, "but as long as we're going that direction, fine."

...It is kind of a funny story

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cops do not think its funny either

This response submitted by Jim Marsico on 3/29/06 at 3:00 PM. ( )

twice I have had people call the police on me because of skinned and headless bear carcus's in the back of my truck on my way to dump with them. I teased them the first time it happened and asked them if they were looking for thier mother in law but all I got was handcuffed for awhile until everyone agreed it was a skinned bear body. They do look human.


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Happened in Miami , but they turned out to be bear paws, apparently a dog took it and dropped in front of a business, at that time there was a serial killer in Miami ,Killing prostitutes and leaving the bodies in that area , so the police was called and it made it to the TV News, they thought the serial killer was dumping human parts,LOL

i know but i hate to leave his name

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local guy nice enough, ˘rap happens i guess

the real crime...

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was that dog running around unsupervised. It coulda been a priceless rack or something. I know what I do to dogs that keep dragging stuff off my personal property and taking it to their master.

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