Congradulations Hilton "Bub" Eppley!

Submitted by Mike Rohanna on 5/2/06 at 5:51 PM. ( )

Hilton Eppley's 14 year old son Bub completed the third leg of the Pennsylvania Triple Crown this morning! He bagged a 21lb Pa gobbler with a 9 1/2" beard. We watched the big tom come full-strut the last 100 yards before Bub cleanly dropped him at 23 yards. For the second leg, Bub took a fine 16" Pa 8 point while hunting with his dad, myself and some friends. For the first leg Bub harvested a nice 180lb Pa black bear while hunting with his dad and Tim Jorden. For those who didnt know, the Pa Triple Crown is harvesting a black bear, a whitetail deer, and a turkey all in the same license year.
Great Job Bub!

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Congratulations !

This response submitted by Steve Dean on 5/2/06 at 6:17 PM. ( )

Congratulations young man on a job well done.
This is an accomplishment to be proud of and grateful for.
2006 is a hunting season you will remember forever.

Be well,


This response submitted by Randy on 5/2/06 at 6:54 PM. ( whitetail@sssnet )

Fine job Jr had tobeen awesome

Congratulations Bub

This response submitted by Jett on 5/3/06 at 10:07 PM. ( )

Way to go Bub. I expect to see some of those at competition. Just remember a bear is just like a deer.August is just around the corner. Great job on your hunting Bub. Talk to you soon Jett

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