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Submitted by ben julian on 5/5/06 at 6:54 AM. ( )

I am going to be going to taxidermy school, and after I am wanting to open a shop. I was wondering what i will be needing for my shop and a good shop set up plan. i am wondering this so i can figure estimated cost to get everything i will need to do all aspects of taxidermy and about how much space i will need for a shop and a good way to set it up. I am going to be moving and will have a nice detached garage about 25' x 40' est. have not measured for sure. what kind of tools and things will i be needing if anyone could help with this that would be great. I can use all the advice i can get

Thank you
Ben Julian

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start with...

This response submitted by Matt on 5/5/06 at 7:14 AM. ( )

fleshing machine, good work bench, mounting stands, chest freezer or two, salt table, bin box for pins, needles, and your small tools. A sawzall, or bone saw, exhaust fan, rope and hook for hanging things while you skin, rubbermaid tubs, krowtann, salt, thread, toolbox, stop-rot, potters clay, critter clay, apoxie sculpt, degreaser, alot of laquer thinner, mineral spirits, air brush, laquer base paint, bird flesher, wire for wings in different gauges. If you can, designate an area for a small showroom seperate from your work area. Have good lighting. Also rubber gloves, a respirator is a must have, trust me. This is what I started with and I keep accumulating things as I go and getting things as I needed them. Get some good reference pictures and paint schedules. Good luck.


This response submitted by Forrest Sue on 5/5/06 at 7:57 AM. ( )

Hide paste, cotton balls, string for wrapping, assortment of knives and screwdrivers, electric AND cordless screwdriver, assortment of screws, elmers wood glue,pins (T and bank or straight),large comb, soft dog brush, masking, taxidermy sewing needles, taxidermy wax, thread(capetype or fishing line), patience, cardboard, record keeping books, a fed & state license (check state laws), extension cords, cabinets to put all this stuff in, work bench (needs to be waist high so you don't kill your back bending over), magnifying glass (strength depending on your age LOL). I have a heavy duty, small table with holes drilled at various positions for standing birds. It gets them out of the way while they are drying (standing).

Cart before the horse...

This response submitted by Jim Kimball on 5/5/06 at 7:45 PM. ( )

From the questions you are asking it might be a good idea to wait to find out if taxidermy is something you can do..or really want to do..

Not trying to be negative just honest...

Unfortunately this industry is full of pretenders making it hard for the rest of us to make a living at something we love to do..

Just because they have a school for something doesn't mean that everyone that goes to school should be doing it..

money and

This response submitted by Jim Marsico on 5/6/06 at 4:05 PM. ( )

experience, lots of patience; all these will help alot.


This response submitted by benjulian on 5/14/06 at 12:16 PM. ( )

thanks everyone for the info.

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