Need help to learn how to do taxirdermy

Submitted by matt on 5/7/06 at 6:27 AM. ( )

hi i need to do taxidermy for a school project. i would like to know what are the procedures to doing this. the animal i have chosen is a rosella. if so can i plz get answers quickly.

thank you for you help.

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to late

This response submitted by Mr.T on 5/7/06 at 7:41 AM. ( )

School will be out before you get this done. You better take it to a taxidermist and see if he can fit you in and watch him do it as you write everything down as he goes. You may have to work off the lesson or pay him for his time, or find another project fast. However, there is no way for us to teach you over the computer. You can find a bird mounting video to watch, or use the orange search button on the left here and read for hours. But you better decide what you are going to do fast, your summer vacation will be here before you know it.

In Australia

This response submitted by Alex on 5/7/06 at 11:48 AM. ( )

Don't you have public libraries ?
They Might have taxidermy books you can check out.
That's how I started when I was 12

It takes year to become good at taidermy.

This response submitted by The Undertaker on 5/7/06 at 12:10 PM. ( )

In 99.5% of the case you will not be doing good quailty taxidermy in 5 or 6 years let alone before school is out.

All the information you need is right here in the archives, I suggest you read all the bird archives before thining about beginning.

Times the teacher

This response submitted by Dave Jarvis on 5/7/06 at 12:24 PM. ( )

I've been working away at birds and animals for 5 years. I'm at a point now where I'm comfortable with certin projects. There were no taxidermists in my area that would show you a thing, I learned every thing from books and videos plus imput from the good folks here. I've picked up a wire wheel fleshing machine and a Quebec Lite Deluxe flesher plus a hand held air mimi fleasher to make things a bit easier. If my wife knew how much i've spent she would freak. With taxidermy I've found repetition is the best teacher. Pick up your gear as you can afford it and remember ,with time you'll be as good as most or perhaps better. Hang in there

time limits i have

This response submitted by matt on 5/8/06 at 3:50 AM. ( )

i have 2 weeks till i start this project and about 5 weeks to finish this. my teacher said that we could also do the skelaton Structure of animals as well.

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