Disposal of remains

Submitted by Gerry on 5/8/06 at 10:09 AM. ( )

How do you get rid of your animal remains. The garbage man refuses to take mine. I called the landfill and they said they would rent me a dumpster for some ungodly amount. I just have the remains building up in a second freezer right now. I looked at the archieves and found people getting rid of them in some interesting ways but for the most part it seemed like a uncomfortable topic that everyone would rather joke about. I live in a very uptight conservative area. People around here already seem to look at me like I'm Dr. Frankienstien. I would really like to handle it in a professional manner. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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Even uptight conservatives eat dead animals.

This response submitted by Glen Conley on 5/8/06 at 10:14 AM. ( g.conley@verizon.net )

Call your local grocery store and talk to someone in the meat department. They would probably put you into contact with the rendering company that picks up their scrap.

Find a predator hunter/ trapper

This response submitted by Doug on 5/8/06 at 10:34 AM. ( )

Predator hunters/trappers should be interested. They establish carcass bait stations seasonally.

theres a

This response submitted by paul e on 5/8/06 at 10:55 AM. ( amfpaul@bellsouth.net )

new chinese buffet down the

just kidding lol

i freeze and bring to a landfill near the area bagged and tagged
guess it depends where you are at

Gator Farms

This response submitted by Marc A on 5/8/06 at 1:29 PM. ( )

Gators have to eat also !

Depending on the situation check with a zoo

This response submitted by Kim on 5/8/06 at 3:18 PM. ( )

Sometimes, (it is a little rare though) a public zoo or a private zoo might be interested in your clean and disease free remains...
But there are a bunch of legalities to jump over by the zoo staff.
It is worth a shot...

Double Bag and Chuck

This response submitted by James on 5/8/06 at 3:50 PM. ( )

I throw countless carcasses away through my local trash collector at the curb. I make sure to double back all meat and put regular trash bellow and above it. If your trash guy is on to you, then switch companies and be discrete about it like I am. I do plan my skinning in the summer months close to garbage day, that when the cat will be out of the bag real soon.
Hope this helps

be responsible in any case

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 5/8/06 at 4:01 PM. ( )

If you have cervid remains, its up to you to do the right thing and dispose of them in an approved landfill, which handles low level waste. This is all because of the real threat of CWD, for one. As professionals, its our responsibility. As artists whose methods are often under fire from those who dont understand, we owe it to ourselves to be responsible. Frozen waste wrapped and discarded with the trash sounds like a good start. I went ahead and made arrangements for a small dumpster.


This response submitted by scanman on 5/8/06 at 4:21 PM. ( scanman@forspeed.com )

How does the garbage man know? Did you ask him or did he look in your trash? In Pennsylvania, carcasses have to be put into the trash to go to a landfill. If I were you I would bag them with the regular trash and if the garbage man wants to know, let him dig through the trash. There is no difference between food disposal and animal carcasses, rotten meat is rotten meat. If fear of disease becomes an issue I suppose at some time the government will have us bag our specimens in bags marked "biohazard" and then order us to dispose of our trash in regulated trash disposal, like hospitals do. The main thing is to see what your state law is and comply with it.


This response submitted by Alex on 5/8/06 at 5:05 PM. ( )

You have a crematory near by, even in large cities such as where I live some crematories take in to burn them for you for a minimal cost.
I got rid of several cats including 2 lions and deer meat for around $150.
But the gator farms will also take it for free.


This response submitted by Gerry on 5/8/06 at 6:00 PM. ( )

I didn't have any problem with the trash man while I was doing Taxidermy as a hobby. As soon as I went full time I put a sign out in front of my house, the trash man saw my sign, ripped open a bag, found a deer head, and left all my trash sit. I called and they said they wouldn't pick it up with the regular trash but would rent me a dumpster. They said that way they know whats in that particular dumpster and they can put it in a certain part of the dump. Today I have been calling around and getting quotes from other trash companies on a dumpster. I have found one that is much more resonable. I have no idea why one dump is so much more then another. I think I will go with the dumpster.

Sorry Gerry

This response submitted by scanman on 5/8/06 at 8:54 PM. ( scanman@forspeed.com )

Sorry to hear that, sounds like the moment you called it a business someone wanted in on your money. There are only two types on trash-regulated and unregulated. Our everyday garbage is unregulated and regulated garbage would contain human body parts, fluids or sharps that have been used on patients. Regulated trash would what hospitals would have. I guess it depends on your state laws, but I would seriously contact your state game commission or environmental protection agency to see what they say.
So like they take taxidermist waste to the one part of the dump and everyday trash to the another. I'm sorry but that doesn't sound right. There are two ways of getting rid of trash, in a landfill or to incinerate it. Next you'll have to get a dumpster if they find out that you put pork chop bones in your trash.

Keep froezen until trash day/

This response submitted by The Undertaker on 5/8/06 at 11:32 PM. ( )

Hey this is in the archives.

Double bag and freeze, then the AM of trash day place them in the can with other trash.

Legal in all 50 as of last week.

Everything except HUMAN REMAINS.

Yep I deal with the laws and updates weekly.

Hey would you like to come over for a BBQ? I have some interesting table fair. God bless the starving pygmies in Burneo.

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