Submitted by alex on 5/10/06 at 11:25 PM. ( )

I am new to doing fish I am haveing trouble getting the color on the back of the fish right. any help would be great. thank you alex.

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Is this the fish category?

This response submitted by Me on 5/10/06 at 11:44 PM. ( )

Orange button works great and so does the correct posting of this "trouble".


This response submitted by AL;EX on 5/11/06 at 8:36 AM. ( )

Im sorry it was late. I had used the orange button no help, but I didnt know this was going to be a bother to you ME I can see this site is gettig bad. you use to get help from other taxidermist no problem now you get smart ass comments. thats sad.


This response submitted by Dawn on 5/11/06 at 11:23 AM. ( )

Don't fret over Me. There are way too many gracious and helpful people on here to allow one "child" to disrupt that.

The problem with our society is because unfortunately we have way too many "Me's" who are so loud and obnoxious that they drown out the soft voices of the helpful people in the world. For them it is easier to act like an idiot - then to take a few extra seconds to be helpful.

Not all taxidermist behave this way - just some - so keep the questions coming. That will really tick him off...(lol)

Maybe if we keep ignoring "ME" he will dry up and blow away.


This response submitted by ALEX on 5/11/06 at 11:44 AM. ( )

Thank you I know there are a lot of good taxidermist out there that are willing to help. I did not mean to offend any of them. If I did im sorry. I have been doing taxidermy for about 3 years. I have entered a lot of compititions and done very well in deer and birds,a lot of blue and best of show. I just want to improve my fish because I really havent done that many. anyway thank you Dawn. Alex

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