RE Real Heroes (or not all actors are whimps)

Submitted by Gil Rogers on 5/11/06 at 7:23 AM. ( )

Please remove the untrue fact about Fred Rogers. He was my fathers brother (yes, my uncle) and the rumor of him being a sniper is totally false and an ongoing urban legend, he never served in any military, never had any military training and to my knowledgenever even fired a gun, in fact he went right from college to his brocasting and television career. He also did not have any tattoos, unless they were invisible at every single family outing we enjoyed with him.
Thank you.

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One Heck of a REAL MAN

This response submitted by * on 5/11/06 at 7:58 AM. ( )

Through all the public proception, the legend that has attached itself to him is in fact a honor so that ones that could not let people know they in fact did admire him for his works can do it. To some they need these legends to justify their admoration , if not, there ego's would not let them pronounce their public admoration of him.
He left this world a much better place than he found it...
This legend is not a bad thing.

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