can some one help me?

Submitted by tiffany duvall on 5/11/06 at 10:08 AM. ( )

im looking to get an exotic pet with in a 4 to 5 year period i would like to know how to obtain the permits and how to go about everything so please emial me to help me thanks!


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Permits are a pain...

This response submitted by Gina on 5/11/06 at 10:30 AM. ( )

I love deer and was going to get a muntjac for apet, then I found out that my state dosnt allow any foreign cervidae across the border. Find out what is legal in your state and then go from there,

a fun pet would be flying squirrels, but they are nocturnal, ferrets, but they stink, a fish is a good bet...LOL There are monkeys, parrots (longgevity)cats of all breeds, deer, rodents, a reall fun one is an iguana.

they live about 10 years and eat greens. Give them a hot rock and they are happy. you can put a leash on them and carry them on your shoulder wherever you go, like a dog, but with scales and less allergies! LOL

Why does a pet have to be exotic?

This response submitted by joeym on 5/11/06 at 10:01 PM. ( )

We have a yard full of dogs and cats that were cast away by other people. We love them all. If you want an exotic pet, get a rare cat or dog breed. That way you can buy feed for them locally, your vet knows how to medicate them, and they will be just as devoted to you as an exotic pet, maybe more. Wild animals should remain wild. True, they are important to this industry as reference animals, and it is important that some people have them. But the market (often black market) for rare and exotic species will only continue to escalate as long as there is a market for them. I love animals, as do all outdoorsmen. I believe the domestication of dogs and cats have made them the most desirable and comforting of pets...that's my opinion anyway.

Have you tried Pethouse?

This response submitted by Trapper on 5/13/06 at 6:37 PM. ( )

They have an erotic pet every month.

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