New Sites Added to the NuttyHost Family

Submitted by Jason on 5/12/06 at 3:39 PM. ( )

Here are 3 new sites just finished with NuttyHost design. They have excellent taxidermy work.

If you would like me to design a Taxidermy site for you contact me at 1-800-365-0838 or email me at I have tons of references if you need them.

If you are a taxidermist and do not have a website designed by me, you are missing out on new clients everyday.

NuttyHost is the only place that will actually get you in on the search engines and provide guaranteed results. Look no further and see how suprising affordable it is to join NuttyHost design services.

Get your site up and running now so you are well into the search engines by the hunting seasons.

Also, visit to get listed as a taxidermist in your state for FREE.

Thanks to Ken Edwards and WASCO for allowing me to post here.

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