Customer Follow ups ?

Submitted by Deer4ager on 5/13/06 at 6:16 PM. ( )

How many of you guys follow up with your customers after they leave the shop?
I started sending out a survey a few days after pick up. I figure I get a more honest opinion after the see their trophy on thier wall.


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This response submitted by JOHN KEENEY on 5/13/06 at 9:52 PM. ( )

I was up all night this past Thursday night. I couldn't sleep. I watched ebay all night. I would sometimes put in a page # and the screen would would switch to a different page. I wanted to watch a certain item and when I went to put it in the "watch items list" it disappeared. I would click to go back to list of items and it would send me to my ebay listing. In regards the item that disappeared. It was approx. 6 hrs. before the auction ended. I went from 10 minutes left to 10 hours left in the show all items list (approx) 95,000) items six or more times. Each time slower than the previous time. I couldn't find it anywhere. I emailed ebay 2 nasty letters stateing "What the hell is going on" but haven't heard anything from them except that they sent me an email today about an unpaid item on my part. I told them I paid for the item a month ago, got a thanks email from the seller and that I had the item in my home for 3 weeks. God only knows what they are doing. hope you get responses from thousands of ebayers.

golf at the north pole

This response submitted by where did that come from? on 5/13/06 at 10:21 PM. ( )

As the cowboys rode the horses, the four angry brothers followed them just behind enough not to be seen, and then the Indians got them before the brothers could get their revenge. The brothers were made to wash the Indians horses and shod them with new shoes; the worst part was when the Indians made them eat White Castle hamburgers without any cola. Then the Indians got the old "what goes around, comes around, as they got drunk that night and wondered into the Army Fort looking for directions. They claimed they were on their way to New Orleans, but little did they know that the storm cleaned the town up the previous week so that made their story a bit fishy. The U.S. Army arrested them, but had to release them because they all blew below the legal limit. The Indians called for a cab and when it arrived, some army solders on leave tried to get in the cab first, when the Indians spoke up and said" That's our cab,,,,,,,,,, We have reservations".

What tha HELL is this?

This response submitted by Confused on 5/13/06 at 11:40 PM. ( )

You guys missing some medication or what?

I do!

This response submitted by Jeff F. on 5/14/06 at 9:43 AM. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

I like to call them about a week later and make sure they're happy with everything after having a few to inspect it a little closer. They seem to appreciate it and I think it shows an honest sense of appreciation for the customer.Peace!

Not me

This response submitted by George on 5/14/06 at 10:31 AM. ( )

I'm too busy working on the next job. My surgeon doesn't even call me after he cuts me open to see how I'm doing and when I have a follow-up, he charges me for it.


This response submitted by jim on 5/15/06 at 6:23 AM. ( )

You will find out how they like their mount when you get their next job or their referral.

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