PA convention competition rules. (?)

Submitted by Joe on 5/14/06 at 10:49 AM. ( )

I have a question regarding the competition of the pa taxidermy convention. In the rules about weather you can compete in the professional class it sez, PROFESSIONAL DIVISION: Licensed Taxidermists (Amateurs who have won a Best of Category with a blue ribbon compete in this division.) If you win Best of Category in this division at annual convention competition you will move up to the Masters Division.
Does this mean that i can not enter into the professional division if i am not licensed? and did not win a best of catagory in the amateurs division. reason being, I have competed in the amateurs division for the past two yrs, ( did not get a best of catagory) but i did a last minute hurry up mount,( my fault!) This year i already started on my mounts to give my self alot of time and feel that they could compete in the professional division. Question is am i aloud to compete in the professional division? Thanks Joe

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You might have to wait for Paul or others...

This response submitted by The Taxidermologist on 5/14/06 at 12:09 PM. ( )

Because this is fishing season for his part-time captain business.

I believe you CAN compete in the professional division since they have tried to encourage people to compete and learn. In the Amateur division I don't believe the judges spend as much time critiquing the piece, but if you grab the judge and ask for a thorough evaluation he/she should be able to give you the info you desire.

I quit competing many years ago after getting a couple best of category in two amateur divisions. Because I am not licensed and the rules back then were strigent, I only ever competed in the amateur competition - even though a portion of my professional museum job was taxidermy. The rules were such that, because you weren't licensed, you could not win money in the competition. I never had enough time to spend on a piece without some sort of pay-off. You might ask Paul or others, if you could now win money for the piece if it wins in a category - it may give you the incentive to really knock yourself out>

Compete wherever you like.

This response submitted by Paul Czarnecki on 5/14/06 at 12:23 PM. ( )

You can compete in whatever division you like Joe. The exception would be, as you stated, if you were to win a Best of Category at the State Convention ONLY then you would be required to move up.

Once this silly "licensing and exam thing" is cleared up things should become much clearer.

Don't forget to contact the PA Senators and ask for their support of HB1528. Sen John Pippi is now the Chair of the Senate Game and Fish Committee and is the one responsible for presenting the bill. I'm meeting with him this Wednesday---keep your fingers crossed.

Paul Czarnecki

thanks guys

This response submitted by Joe on 5/14/06 at 2:22 PM. ( )

thanks guys, i appreciate your input, Paul, I will make some calls tommorrow. I appreciate what you and Dan S are doing, I can only imagine how much work was put into hb1528 to get this far. Thanks

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