Happy mothers day to all! please read this

Submitted by Bryan on 5/14/06 at 1:49 PM. ( )

know this will sorta sappy BUT... I just wanted to publicly say happy mothers day to all!
I'm having a rough morning in a sense. My mom past away 2 years ago last month. And while shes home with Jesus,mothers day brings a flood of great memories.
I'm now 48, and have a happy life with my wife and six kids. I owe this to my mom. As i grew up with an abusive alcoholic father, i watched my mother sacrifice her life for myself and my brother. My father left when i was 12, And my mother worked hard (14-16 hrs a day) So we had what we needed. I never questioned her love although i can't remember her ever saying i love you to us.
Today, my passion is God, my family, and fishing.
My mother is responsible for my passion for fishing. My fondest memories are of my mother taking me to many local (buffalo, ny) streams and rivers.
The first fish i ever mounted was a chain pickeral i caught from the Niagara river with my mom. It turned out horrible! But i would pay anything to have it, Now!
Anyway as i type this thru very moist eyes and remember the great times, I have to say thanks mom, i love you!
If you still have a mom thats alive write her a letter and tell her what she means to you, thats what all my kids did for my wife today! More priceless than any gift!
If your mom went home to heaven, stop and take a moment to reflect.

This was something i just had to write...

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I agree

This response submitted by BigSwede on 5/14/06 at 2:50 PM. ( toivo.olsson@telia.com )

My mother died of cancer on valentine´s day -04, here in Sweden it´s not mothers day yet (last sunday in the month of may) but of course I think of her and miss her every day. As I write this I look at one of my very first mounts, a green woodpecker that I took with a BB-gun, illegally of course. She treasured and kept everything I did from way back then (30 years ago), I myself did not not want to save any of my firs attempts when my skills in taxidermy improved but now I am very grateful that she did - would not part from this bird for money. It hangs in my office here at home. Not in my showroom for costumers too see... Got some other horrible pieces from around 1975 - 76 - still intact. A magpie, a crow, some squirrels... only the taxidermist´s mother could love them. But to me they bring back memories. / BigSwede

Bless Ya Bryan

This response submitted by Jeff f. on 5/14/06 at 8:04 PM. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

Many of us have lived lives less than perfect but remember where we came from. Your Mom sounds like she was a great woman. Peace. Jeff F.


This response submitted by Mary on 5/14/06 at 8:55 PM. ( )

Thanks for sharing. My mother has been deceased for over 28 years. That is one loss children of any age never get over. My mother , like yours was a very driving influence in my life. My strong love for animals came from her influence. Her life was for us 6 children. She lives on in my parenting .
I spent the day, at the Art Museum ,with my two daughters , just as my mother had done with my siblings and I, on so many occasions. Was a great day!
You are so right in saying there is no greater gift than the written words from our children, on any day!

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