World's Purdiest Taxidermists' Directory additions

Submitted by Glen Conley on 5/15/06 at 12:46 AM. ( )

Another visually impacting page is taking shape on the World's Purdiest Taxidermists' Directory on I have to once again compliment the participants.

The new additions are:

Rich Dunlop, New York
Eric Smith, Pennsylvania
Greg Stehling & Son, Wisconsin
Brian Drake, Ohio

All the above are on the following general service directories:

Three of the above also do whitetail taxidermy and can be found here:

We ain't done yet...
Back in November I launched the home page for a new website. I figured that as a new site it would take about the typical six or eight months to even show up in search returns, so I would just build it as I went, and that should have my timing in sync.

I launched the page as an announcement, then I sent a link to someone so they could check it out.

The following day I went into the stats to see if the link recipient had checked out the page. The first thing I saw was that the page was showing 60 visitors for the first 24 hours. So I'm thinkin', "Man, this counter is all messed up. I'm going to have to try and figure out what's wrong."

Well, I checked, and the 60 visitors had indeed came in. I said something that sounds an awful lot like, "Oh, POOP!"

Google had picked up the site, and had the page indexed about 12 hours after launching. Internet Explorer had it indexed in less than 48 hours. I wasn't ready for that, didn't even fit my plans. I would have never thought it possible.

Apparently some of these new beta searches are evolving quite quickly, so what I did was to take all my whitetail taxidermists off the existing directory and set up a new directory catering to what I was guessing some of the new search programs were looking for. Got a BINGO!

We already have LOTS of top 10, top 20, top 30 returns with common generic searches with the world's 3 major search engines. I'm guessing in another two months, our web visibility will increase even more with the majors, and then we will have the trickle down effect to smaller search engines. We should be in real good shape before this next deer season.

That directory can be found at this address:

You are reading this message as a result of the quite, dedicated devotion that Ken Edwards has shown to this industry. He is the one that has brought us all together. He is truly one of a kind, and will be forever without equal. I'm sure that his web work has brought the "taxidermy" word into a lot of households up and beyond anything that has ever been done previously, and we are all looking for that end consumer to market our taxidermy wares to. No new people, no new market. Ken has done a fantastic job of education and promotion.

Jason Keehr of Nutty Host fame is also hammering away trying to promote everyones' interest, and he's doing a pretty good job of it.

Things don't just happen. PEOPLE make things happen. All of us individual web site owners, whether it be individual taxidermists or suppliers, teamed up together helps to make things happen. I'm calling for High Fives! all 'round. Good job, Guys!

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Oh, POOP! Again!

This response submitted by Glen on 5/15/06 at 1:27 AM. ( )

I just checked Internet Explorer using Ohio taxidermists as the search phrase. The new additions on the REAL DEER FORMS directory has already been cached and indexed. The addition of those last taxidermists was just hours ago. Unbelievable.

POOP! Again!

This response submitted by Glen on 5/15/06 at 1:32 AM. ( )

Mr. T has #1 spot on IE with whitetail taxidermist! You go T!

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