Taxidermy Contract Needed

Submitted by Mike on 5/16/06 at 1:25 PM. ( )

I'm looking for a taxidermy contract,if anyone has one they could let me get some ideas from please email me. Thanks! Mike

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This response submitted by Kim (LOL) It is from me anyway! on 5/16/06 at 3:17 PM. ( )

Dear Fellow taxidermist and new arrivals.
Feel free to use this basic design for a contract and adjust it to suit your needs and legal requirements. Use three part NCR paper. Top copy is your shop's work copy (white) Middle copy is accounting or whatever (yellow)and the bottom copy is for the customer (Pink).

Hope all of you can use it to help your business and to protect yourself and have a CLEAR understanding as to what the AGREEMENT is between you and the customer.




Permission To Possess and Transport Wildlife Retail, Wholesale or Custom work? ____________

Does this work have a specific or guaranteed finish date or time? Print yes or no________________

Date_______________________ Shop ID NO:___________________________





Hm Phone_________________________Cell__________________Work_____________

License/Game Tag NO__________________________________State/Province/Country___________

SPECIES____________________ Number of Antler Points_________________

How received? Skinned Not Skinned Not Fleshed or Turned Not Salted Cut Wrong/Short Cape Day or more Old Frozen Freezer Burn Road Kill Damaged Broken/missing parts Rub/Drag Marks Cuts/Nicks/Holes Air Dried/Spots Blood Soaked Wet Stained Hair Slip & loose M O C Questionable Skin or Cape See Taxidermist Inspection Report Repair Work Already Mounted


Mounting Charge _______________________

Skinning/Repair _______________________

TOTAL** _______________________

**DEPOSIT** _______________________

BALANCE DUE** _______________________ ** Crating & Shipping - other costs & fees are extra--if applicable.

I certify and guarantee that the specimen (s) listed above, were obtained or harvested in a legal and lawful manner and I am authorized by law, license, permit, etc. to bring such specimen (s) to the Taxidermist for mounting and other services. I have read the front and the back of this work order and agreement, and I fully understand and agree to be obligated and liable with the condition of acceptance, agreement, terms, deposit, and for any applicable fees.


All payments only in US dollars. At least a 50% deposit or more is required on all work. Certain circumstances may require some work to have the complete cost paid in advance before work will begin or before it is finished & the customer will be notified if this is required. Any balance due at completion time, must be paid in "cash". This means no checks. Work left without at least a 50% deposit over five days is forfeited and will be disposed of. Customer agrees to pay the balance due & pickup the mount/work within five days after notification of completion. After notification of work completion, work not picked up within five days, along with monies paid, is forfeited. A $25.00 per day- per mount, storage fee will be charged after the five day grace period until the mount is disposed of and/or sold. Crating, shipping, repair, form modification to fit short capes, and the replacement of skins & capes are extra. The skinning, fleshing, cleaning & washing of skins not properly cared for, is extra. Taxidermist and/or company will not be held responsible for theft, fire, flood, vandalism, tanning, hair slippage or any other loss or damage. The customer agrees to pay any cost or expense including any & all legal expenditures, collection enforcement costs or any other costs associated with customer's work/specimen. We charge $500.00 for any third party involvement plus other fees and costs as necessitated. Our returned check fee is $500.00 plus other charges allowed under State and Federal Law. The decision and discretion of the taxidermist is binding and absolute and shall apply in any situation, in any disagreements or conflicts and for any fee assessment. No Cash refunds for any reason. Unsatisfactory customer performance may be reported & listed with all credit bureaus, data banks, and collection agencies and additional action (s) may be taken.

thank you Kim

This response submitted by Mr.T on 5/17/06 at 9:37 AM. ( )

Thank you, I need a contract too.

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