Unable to contact "Furs for Fun"

Submitted by Gbleier on 5/17/06 at 8:07 PM. ( GBLEIER@aol.com )

I have been trying for weeks to contact "Furs For Fum" by Email and Phone with no results or return calls. Does anyone know if There is a problem at their tannery?

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talked with them

This response submitted by Rich P. on 5/17/06 at 11:02 PM. ( )

I talked with Hector last week, called mid morning. If he is at a show somewhere it's hard to get a hold of anybody there. I don't think he responds to e-mail to good. He sent me my coyote skin this week so I don't think anything is wrong. Keep trying,it seems like he is the only one who answers the phone.

Who ?

This response submitted by Alex on 5/18/06 at 2:45 PM. ( )

Never heard of them

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