Fly ways closed?

Submitted by keller on 5/20/06 at 5:19 PM. ( )

Has anyone heard about waterfowl flyways beaing closed this year because of the bird flu? The question was posed to me by a co-worker (he heard rumors) It was news to me. I think it sounds like paranoia.

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This response submitted by Paul C on 5/20/06 at 7:11 PM. ( )

At this very minute black helicopters are putting up STOP and DO NOT ENTER signs at the border. There will be no migrating until further notice.'re right--it IS paranoia. The avian flu has not been nearly as big a deal as was originally thought. Even in the Asian countries where it was first discovered it has become nothing more than an annoyance. That's not to say that something serious could not still happen but it hasn't thusfar.

Paul Czarnecki

Our government is already

This response submitted by Big Brother on 5/20/06 at 10:25 PM. ( )

taking precautions against bird flu...Bush ordered that the Canary Islands will be bobmed immediately!


This response submitted by Forrest Sue on 5/21/06 at 8:01 AM. ( )

LOL How inthe world can anyone "Close the flyways"? LOL I guess this person thinks someone goes out and TELLS these migrating avians when it is time to fly NOrth or South. Got a good chucle out of that.

Hunting along flyways

This response submitted by keller on 5/21/06 at 8:34 AM. ( )

I guess I meant hunting along the flyways. Though the responses are good for a laugh. I'm glad at least people still have a since of humor.

Close the Flyways? You Bet!

This response submitted by Dave Luke on 5/21/06 at 11:13 AM. ( )

If this harsh strain of bird flu (remember, migratory waterfowl carry EVERY known variety of influenza!) would, or does, come to Eastern Russia and all of Canada, you had best believe that the government will, indeed, shut down migratory bird hunting, as a means with which to attempt to curtail the spread of human contact with this horrible virus. Remember, any virus that can mutate, as ALL virus does, can easily jump from bird to human, once a strong virus "foothold" has been found, human to human. Keep in mind, if the virus can be kept away from humans, then, possibly, the virus won't become pandemic. Yes, it sounds all too "Y2K-ish" or "SAR-ish", however, it is with great government work and control in Asia, (Cambodia, Viet Nam, China, etc.)that this virus has been kept under a bit of control. Scary? You bet! Controlable? Possibly! But, remember, after World War I, our troops brought back the first German Infuenza (I could be off a bit on the true spread), but, it wiped out hundreds of thousands of Americans! Americans were leaving large cities at the beginning of the depression, to find work AND get away from large masses of sick people. Yes, it could happen, let's hope it doesn't! It's not just the snow geese in Northern Canada that can get wiped out by an "over-population" virus or's us, too! Keep your tools, work bench, and hands clean, this year, and hopefully, this virus will go the way of the "Y2K" and "Sars" worries! But, if it does begin to hop from human to human, well, we will most certainly see a major difference in our bird hunting programs!

Dave, I don't believe what I'm hearing from you

This response submitted by George on 5/21/06 at 5:09 PM. ( )

This seems more like the cock and bull of Jim Chicken Little of last week than from you.

Do you really believe that IF the USFWS actually shut down waterfowl seasons across the nation it would stop a mallard from Nova Scotia, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC or even Alaska from flying down and eating corn with barnyard ducks in Louisanna? Then what do the chicken farmers throughout the country do? The USDA has a plan for what they want done, but killing the symptom doesn't do anything for the cause. It is very unlikely in the modern "global society" that a pandemic can exist. Modern medicine, quarantine, and survivability are increased. You do know that pandemic, by its very origin comes from opening Pandora's box? Once opened, the spirit can't be put back in.

And by the way, you've got apples and oranges mixed up big time over the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918. It was called the "China Flu" or the "Spanish Flu". Initially, it was thought to be a result of German chemical warfare, but was quickly determined to have originated in China (SURPRISE, SURPRISE) where the armpits of a cesspool of humanity resided. The first recorded mass fatalities were actually recorded in KANSAS where thousands of soldiers were training. The map of the virus tends to show that Americans carried the virus to Europe where Spain was to bear its brunt and where it got its name. After the war, veterans brought it BACK to the US for its second swipe at our country.

In the last 2 decades Americans have suffered through the Chicken Little Syndrome on numerous times. Asian flu, Hong Kong flu, swine flu, e boli, Legionaire's disease, anthrax, hoof-in-mouth, CJD, CWD, Mad Cow, and just what happened to that horrendous epidemic that was supposed to invaded the orient and stopped tourism to Japan 3 years ago. Oh, how soon we forget the lessons of history.

If it IS to be, it WILL be. All we can hope for is that the actions we take to prevent it won't do more harm to us than the actual disease. Panic and the threat of panic never did anything for anyone.

Maybe Wyatt Earp explained it best. When asked how he could have survived all the legendary gunfights and what single action he could credit with his survival, he said, " You have to be slow and deliberate as fast as you can."

It might serve many of us to follow that when we're asked about "possible" pandemics.

E coli and ebola

This response submitted by George on 5/21/06 at 6:31 PM. ( )

Oh well, Chicken Little can have them all any way.

I'am with Dave...

This response submitted by drcambridge on 5/22/06 at 3:23 PM. ( )

on this one. My buddies were all pooh-poohing me too. I could see Uncle sam, for the benefit of all, closing all waterfowl hunting. I live to hunt Geese, and I do just birds in regards to my taxidermy. We have had to quit shooting the last couple of years because nobody wanted to take birds home. This will be more of an excuse not to take bird where I hunt. We still have guys that are there to shoot their guns as many times as they can and kill for the thrill. Sad indeed. Wear your gloves, keep your tools clean, wipe things down with bleach, practice universal precautions.Oh and Mr. Luke, besides being one of the best bird men in the business has a Degree in Ornithology. Happy and SAFE mounting!

Pandora's Box

This response submitted by Dave Luke on 5/25/06 at 8:58 AM. ( )

Hey, George, well, I agree with about everything you have said, especially the ending, of, when Pandora's box is opened..., I just read a log on the Alaska Wildlife and Fisheries meetings earlier this year, about the "Necessity of Migratory Bird Closure due to Influenza" and the North American Waterfowl Administrator's advisory information packet...all pertaining to the "Possible" closure, due to the spread of avian virus...Alaska is very worried that the spread of virus will come from the Eastern extension over the Bering Sea, and I do completely agree, that if given the chance, Alaska will shut down eider hunting at ANY given opportunity. If indeed, the virus is spread from bird to human, and it does leave the "cesspool" of China, I do, thoroughly believe, that our government will take a stand and attempt to curtail the spread, by eliminating human contact, which does, to me, mean they will close migratory hunting so that you won't be able to pick up that mallard that flew down to feed with your chickens. Is it "far-fetched"? Possibly. But, controllable? Possibly. I do know that I have recently read that hundreds of thousands of poultry have been eliminated from contaminated areas, and that in Thailand, Viet Nam, Cambodia, etc. it seems to be working. I certainly don't have the answers, but, there seems to be extreme caution with this virus, and I don't think running around acting like it "wouldn't ever, couldn't ever" happen is the correct stance! Well, I'm not losing sleep over it, anyway..LOL.

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