fellow hoosier taxidermist hear me out on this

Submitted by Michael on 5/20/06 at 11:06 PM. ( )

Hey guys here in indiana the badger population is doing real well as a matter of fact they are listed as non-game and now found in 88 hoosier counties i was thinking we should have a trapping/hunting season with a bag limit and tagging required for them to see how the population is to help the dnr i think it should be a month long season for them in the fall. what do you guys think.

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I second that motion...

This response submitted by Chad on 5/21/06 at 12:29 AM. ( )

...but of course we would have to consider only a certain number being harvested for a certain time period. so that we do not run them endangered again. Indiana just needs more species to hunt anyways. Since they are putting nosses on game ranches. I feel that we should not have to pay so damn much for wild game anyways. Not at a gamer farm

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