Thanks GSTA

Submitted by Steve Hackett on 5/21/06 at 5:07 PM. ( )

Just want to say Thanks to John,Paul,Rose and Cathy and the board for putting on another Outstanding show this year.
I can't say enough about how hard they have worked for this Association. They make these shows friendly and enjoyable to go to.
The room was filled many awesome mounts,the seminars were first rate and the people as always Friendly.

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2nd that

This response submitted by Gregg Ielfield on 5/21/06 at 6:26 PM. ( )

Yes any one that missed this show ,missed a fun friendly show. Great mounts ,great food , well the bar could use some adjustments but we did have fun. Thanks again to you all.
Gregg and Julia


This response submitted by Cathy Kintner on 5/21/06 at 8:05 PM. ( )

Thanks Steve, Gregg & Julia. We certainly enjoyed having you attend our show. It was a great weekend and although I am exhausted, the weekend was worth it! It was a GREAT show! Thanks for coming! Hope to see you soon.


I 3rd that!

This response submitted by Rick Krane on 5/21/06 at 8:29 PM. ( )

Quality quality quality! The people who work so hard to make it happen, the folks who show up to support and learn and the for all those who just are there to have a wonderful time. In all my years it never fails that I meet great people and walk away with a new friend or 2. GSTA proved to me once again that all is good with the world of taxidermy! Well at least in NJ!

I thank you GSTA for allowing me the opportunity to serve your members and you as the association! I will back to visit always!

My Best!

Rick Krane
Anglers Artistry
312 Chesterfield Rd
Hinsdale, NH 03451


This response submitted by John Gaskill on 5/21/06 at 8:59 PM. ( )

I was very happy with everything, this being my first time, I was definately motivated to return for many more. I found it to be very informative, and I met a lot of super nice people.

GSTA - a good Show - extremely informative!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/22/06 at 1:34 AM. ( )

I love this Convention! I like seeing the new faces - and the quality it attracts! And I appreciate the efforts of its Hard-working and friendly Staff! These people deserve our gratitude for the opportunity to attend a truly professionally organized Show. Thanks GSTA - I personally enjoyed having the chance to meet all of you and enjoy your friendship! I'm looking forward to your growth in future years!

Excellent Job, as always!

This response submitted by Fred Barilla on 5/22/06 at 9:43 AM. ( )

Thanks to John Bollman, Paul B. and the entire GSTA Board for putting on a top notch show. The quality of the mounts in the competition room were second to none. If you're looking for a quality show with tons of information and friendly people, look for the GSTA in 2007.


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