More $$$ availible to win at Oregon Show

Submitted by RJ Simington on 5/23/06 at 2:47 AM. ( )

Just to let ya know we have picked up anouther sponsor ;
Sportsmans Warehouse has come on board with OAT & will be giving an award for their choice at the show June 8-10 in Prineville Oregon Plus they have commited to $200. to go with the award.
This will be a great addition to the awards we already have including;

Research Mannikins awards;
Highest scoring mount
First Honest Whitetail award & $500 gift certificate
SCI Award
Ducks Unlimited
Mule Deer Foundation
Prinville Mayors Award
Mckinsey Awards;
Taxidermist choices for, Best Fish, Bird, Lifesize, & deerhead
Polytranpar Award
Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife Award
Oregon Hunters Association Award
Rayline Award
Breakthrough Magazine Award
Judges Choice Award PLUS Undisclosed amount of Cash
Peoples Choice Award
Mick Cox/Bill Martin memorial Horizon Award
Best of show,Masters, Open, Novice & Youth
Chalenge , Best Elk,Salmon, & Pigeon
OAT taxidermists choice award
Plus a couple more from some other folks that are not here yet.

That should be enough awards to create a great time & lots of great competition.
So now is the time to get in gear & start slinging foam & hide paste.
If you are like me you wont get any sleep for the last two weeks before the show because you are thinking about taxidermy mounts 24 hours a day.
This is also a Great opertunity to get those needed points for your Award of Excelence before Billings Because we ARE NTA Affiliated.

We will also have 4 African Safaries for sale at our banquet, so dont miss out.

Come & join the fun in Prineville Oregon June 8-10

For any info email or call RJ Simington at 541 883 2492

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