Submitted by EARL on 5/23/06 at 7:28 PM. ( ANT/TAX )

A guy comes on here advertising "WHOLESALE" work so I emailed him for some pictures of his work..I told him I have a coyote a customer wants howling..What would you charge,no base,approx. how long..I got no response from him at all after two plus weeks and a couple emails,can you imagin ? Wants to do wholesale work and wont even return an email,must be a real winner..Earl

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This response submitted by Terry on 5/23/06 at 9:50 PM. ( mpd_ar_cop@yahoo.com )

jump to conclusions. There could be a million things going on in the guys life. WAY TOO MANY people jump to conclusions in this place...Just my two cents.

He most likely did not want to do work for a jerk like you..

This response submitted by Kim on 5/23/06 at 10:03 PM. ( )


Now which "Kim" are you?

This response submitted by George on 5/24/06 at 12:28 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

I've seen Earl's work. Now all I need to do is see yours. People who live in glass houses...


This response submitted by EARL on 5/25/06 at 10:58 PM. ( ANT/TAX )

To the "KIM" above,your an assshole..

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