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Submitted by Joe V on 5/24/06 at 10:46 AM. ( )

Hi all,

Please call Sen.John Pippy 717-787-5839 and tell him you want him to support HB 1528. As you all know this is the taxidermy bill that will protect our taxidermy future in the long run. Even if you are not a PA resident like me please call it doesn't matter. I moved from PA months ago and never plan on looking back. One simple phone call from you could help all the PA taxidermists. Paul,Dan,(etc) have worked to hard to have this bill die.

Thanks you,
Joe V.

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This response submitted by ALEX on 5/24/06 at 11:27 AM. ( swstaxidermy@yahoo.com )

I just got off the phone with sen.John Pippys office. They said the bill was still with the game comm. and has been there since may 5 2006 the bill wont go anywhere untill june 5 2006 that is when they go back to session. so pay your dues. it will still be a while. Alex

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