Hurricane season on now I need...

Submitted by Alex on 5/26/06 at 6:21 PM. ( )

I need to find 2- 10 to 12 KW diesel generator, it was a hassel to run all my freezers last year with gasoline generators, I don't want to go through that again, so Am thinking of a diesel generator mimimum 8 KW that i can use as stand by in my shop.

They seem to have all dissapeared in Florida and can't find any, the ones I foound are worth 3 and 4 times the real price so if you know someone who sells them in State or out would you give me a hand and send me a phone number ? I really need two.
Thank you guys

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Take a look on ebay, seriously

This response submitted by Craig on 5/26/06 at 9:47 PM. ( )

I bought a Kawasaki 5000 for my home and paid about $1800 for it because my basement was flooding out and I needed it fast. I purchased one of the exact same ones, brand new, for my father-in-law for around $950 delivered from ebay. I had to set it up by purchasing some battery acid, adding oil, and assembling a handle and wheels, but that was certainly worth the 800 bucks saved.

Alex, look on the website...

This response submitted by joeym on 5/26/06 at 10:35 PM. ( )

the government is always selling surplus generaors. Call the contact and get information on one before you bid. The type of unit you are looking for will cost some serious cash new. There may be one for sale somewhere in your state. I was involved in procuring govt surplus property for a number of years. You will be surprised what is available.

Thank you guys

This response submitted by Alex on 5/26/06 at 11:16 PM. ( )

Very much.


This response submitted by Forrest Sue on 5/27/06 at 8:09 AM. ( )

From a state surplus point-of-view...there is usually a reason they are being "surplused" and it ain't because they have too many. It's because something was wrong with it & it had to be replaced.. But that's just this state...don't know about fed gov or any OTHER state surplus.


This response submitted by joeym on 5/27/06 at 9:53 AM. ( )

There is no logic in why certain things are considered surplus. Yes, there is a lot of junk out there, but I have procured brand new, uncrated items many times. I believe that generators are usually disposed of when facilities are being closed or they have been on the shelf un-used for several years. One of the last that I procured was a 60KW with John Deere 4 cy diesel engine. It runs like a even came with 200 gallons of diesel in the tank! I placed it on the university dairy farm as a back-up power supply. Our state surplus is a little different...there is a lot more worn out junk.

Right now

This response submitted by Alex on 5/27/06 at 1:36 PM. ( )

all they have on surplus, looks very very used.
But I keep my eyes on them.

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