Dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome--For Richard C

Submitted by Mary Lou @ Hog Heaven on 5/28/06 at 7:53 AM. ( )

I was able to avoid surgery for bi-lateral carpal tunnel with acupuncture--this was about 16 or 17 years ago. I was a secretary in a hospital and typed at least 6 hours a day. I went thru the EMG tests that were positive and was in the process of scheduling surgery. Since I worked in physican credentialing I was not going to schedule surgery until certain staff were all available. At that point I was desperate enough to try anything and went for acupuncture--six sessions, working mostly on my neck, shoulders and wrists did the trick.I canceled the surgery. I still am in a job where I do a lot of data entry and have not had a recurrence of CTS. I still have problems with my neck because I was rear ended in later years in a minor accident. Try to learn to pace yourself; if you are having a flare-up, wrist splints are available at most drug stores without a RX. I want to add that acupuncture does not work for everyone, but a reputable acupuncturist will advise you on first visit if you are not a viable candidate for this.

You may find wrist splints difficult to work in; if that is the case, at least wear them at night while sleeping- it will calm your flare up some. Also, some of the pain radiating down may be from the neck area, so try to do some neck stretching exercises during the day. If you feel that the pain seems to be going in a circuit from one wrist to the other, your neck may also be involved in creating the pain too.

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I used to have...

This response submitted by Greg Waite on 5/28/06 at 7:50 PM. ( )

carpal tunnel problems. Finally broke down and went to the doctor and he advised surgery, I told him that wasn't going to happen, so he advised a splint. I checked out the splint and it looked just like the ones bowlers wear. I went to the bowling alley, bought one of those for $10 vs the $85 for theirs. Wore it at night, 3 months later, no problems. It takes some getting used to sleeping with it on but it saved me from surgery. I haven't worn it for 2 yrs and still don't have a problem.

More on causes and remedies

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I have been getting treatment, my neck was straight and it is suppossed to have a slight curve in it and had been stiff and hurting and pulling on my shoulders, plus I have had lower back problems for years. The carpal tunnel is starting to get better as my neck gets better. Might be another alternative to try and alot cheaper than the surgery. I still have about 2 months of treatment and correction to do.

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