"A Bizzar Request" redux

Submitted by George on 5/28/06 at 11:51 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Normally I'd post this response to the original post but since it's caused so much discussion, amazement, and shock, this was just too important.

John Janelli wrote me and told me a story that his mentor, Sinclair
Clark had told him. It is, of course, third hand information, but intriguing nonetheless. Sinclair was eons ahead of his time. He was a black man dealing in a white world and his life should be a parable told by itself. But I digress, here's the email John sent me.

George, JFYI, when Akeley was in Africa with Roosevelt ( 2 seperate safaris ), they brought back several "Native" skins that Akeley wanted mounted for display. They were killed in some kind of TERF war against the safari people and the Colonel let loose on them. Anyway they tried to get Sinclair to tan them for years unitl Dominick Villa, Sinclair's mentor, did them. I had those skins in my hands over in NYC quite a few times but no one ever dared to mount them. This was the single reason why Sinclair's mother never wanted Akeley or Clark to take her son over to Africa. These human skins are still over there and remain cataloged to this very day.

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For your additional information.

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There ARE two lifesize African "human" mounts which were mounted in the early 1970s and are currently in the possession of a Texas billionaire and a very exclusive, private club. We saw them up close and it is the real thing, not fake dummies. We were very shocked and did not know what to say. The work was and still looks very well. Wonder who does the upkeep and cleaning?

Amazing the things people can do if you got the power and money.

It is not our style or desire to be associated with such people. The taxidermy work from my understanding cost $800,000 for the two at that time in the early 1970s. Both are standing upright next to the entrance of a giant African trophy display room. Both mounts with spears and shields in their hands. ...may seem to be a stereo type but never the less, very real.

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