NTA Billings Convention Reference Lee Birch

Submitted by Harry Paulson on 5/28/06 at 2:02 PM. ( taxidermyschool@juno.com )

This is to announce the possiblity that the original Ececutive Secretary of The National Taxidermists Association has agreed to attend the Billings National Taxidermy convention.

Many of the older taxidermists know Lee and are familiar with his many sacrifices and expertise in setting up our first NTA conventions. He and his wife Mary who served as Secretary did much to help assure that the NTA would continue and grow to what it is today.

Lee has an immense backround in taxidermy, hunting, and world affairs.

It is truly appropriate to mention that he was 3 times a prisoner of war in Germany and a true patriot and hero who fought long and hard for our country.

I believe everyone at the convention would enjoy meeting him. He is now in this early nineties with failing eyesight but is very much able to visit and communicate his immense backround and would very much enjoy talking with any of you who will attend this convention.

Anyone willing to contribute to helping with his flight expenses in getting to the Billings show would be very much appreciated. Donations should be sent to John Janelli who is coordiating efforts to see to it that Lee will be accompanied from New York to Billing, so that he is not alone in his travels.

Anyone, taxidermy supply companies, to old and new friends who know Lee please consider this request. Johns Janelli's address can be reached through my e-mail.

Without Lee Birch's efforts and those like him your NTA may not have survived its early years. We all should or do know that even with controversy the NTA has made continual contributions to our business interests and welfare.

Thank you for your consideration.

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